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When a nap takes you to places...

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Postby Casio on April 12th, 2017, 1:05 pm

Date, 517 AV | "So warm...So sleepy..."

Heat. Casio was feeling through every pore of his body how spring was pouring in, the sun's rays feeding the snakes inner core, even if it wasn’t that hot actually. It was the fact that spring had finally come, that put colour in the boy’s cheeks and energy in his step. This was much better than the cold and depressing winter, when it was so hard to do almost anything.

Like every day after lessons the young Dhani visited his favorite spot, fountain of Cascading Harmony. It was place of romance and love, belief and hope. A place, where he could feed his hopelessly romantic mind with fantasies, that will never fulfill. Seeing those couples, imagining one day being in their place and feeling that pure affection, it was a painful remedy he enjoyed in small doses.

Once reaching the fountain first thing he did was to throw a gold miza in the fountains water, closing his eyes tightly, tightly like a little kid and wishing. A loud wish for better future. Afterwards he found a comfy place on a stone bench, put his bag with notes next to him and looked around. At that moment sun was just above, lighting the field and everyone in it. Casio simply bathed in the rays, feeling just in his element. Around all the rest benches were filled with people like Casio enjoying the sun alone, or with those they deemed close. There were some children too, but those he tried to ignore, as the boy still hated, when others mistaked him for one.

When feeling that it was enough of sunbathing Casio lazily pulled out a notebook and bone rimmed glasses. After putting those on he slowly went through today's lectures. There wasn’t anything hard or even interesting. Mostly revision on basics of philtering and such. Soon drowsiness took over and the Dhani felt as his eyelids started to become more and more heavy. A long yawn escaped, which was automatically covered with his palm. No one needed to see his teeth.

And such, seeing how no revision was actually needed, Casio decided to casually lay down on the bench and have a little nap. No one would really care and there wasn’t really anything that worthy on him to be taken. Casio really wanted to sleep.

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