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School and Home for the Unfortunate Orphans of Ravok

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A city floating in the center of a lake, Ravok is a place of dark beauty, romance and culture. Behind it all though is the presence of Rhysol, God of Evil and Betrayal. The city is controlled by The Black Sun, a religious organization devoted to Rhysol. [Lore]

The Galatos Family Commorancy for Children

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The Galatos Family

Commorancy for Children


In a place like Ravok, there is a home for everyone. That includes the orphans of those who gave their lives to defend and protect the sanctity of the noble city as well as those whose family members simply disappeared. After all, Mizahar is a world of magic and wonder so sometimes people behave in strange ways that are beyond understanding. The Black Sun sought a solution for in years past, it fell to the organization to house, feed and raise those who were cast off or left behind. This meant that resources dedicated to the propagation of Rhysol's message and the supplying of his army was forced to divert funds to deal with the problem. It would never serve the Lord of Chaos to have poverty-stricken and unfortunate children plaguing his city's streets and canals.

In 320 AV, the Galatos family stepped in to lift the burden. They claimed that it was the duty of the people of Ravok to look after their own. The affluent household purchased an entire block of stores in the Merchant’s Ring and leveled them to the very pylons and floating foundations that created the base for all of Ravok’s structures. Over the next five years, the Galatos brood funneled money into the project from its families other endeavors and created a large, singular structure with the sole purpose of providing for the needs of the constantly growing population of orphans. Most of the building is three stories but the central third harbors a sub-level and the large dome which points towards the Temple of the Black Sun adds two more under its roof. Outside of the City Center, it is the tallest structure in all of Ravok. The roof is in slight disrepair and the brick facade is not as nice as something in the Noble District but it seems to fit well nestled amidst shops and warehouses. It is neither overly rundown nor does the building outclass the nearby structures. It seems to be a perfect fit.

The layout is a mix of what one might expect from a school, a hospital and a business. There are many classrooms but also dormitories divided up by age. There is a gymnasium and a fenced in playground as well as an infirmary, a pharmacy and ward for the officers and apartments of those who care for the children or manage the affairs of the Commorancy.

The institution has developed quite a system for education and assessment over the years. The younger children are treated on primarily a group level where the basic values of life and courtesy are explained as well as rudimentary knowledge of mathematics, reading, writing and history. As the children age, tests are given to determine strengths and weaknesses which slowly begin to influence what subjects receive focus and which skills are nurtured. To make this process more efficient, older students have smaller class sizes and more personalized attention. Outstanding pupils with the right skill sets have even been drafted into the Institute for Higher Learning or the Vitrax for positions in the city’s noble organizations. When the children make that transition from youth to young adult, many are drafted by local businesses or the Ravokian families through employment fairs or walkthroughs by individuals of influence.

The Galatos family is very proud of their home for the lost or forgotten and many of the faces one might see in Ravok could have come from the Commorancy. It is a sad truth of the world that there are situations that leave children alone to fend for themselves. Thankfully, in the blessed city of Rhysol, there is a sanctuary for the young and vulnerable.


Cafeteria :
The cafeteria is a bit strange when one first looks upon it. The tables all have benches attached on both sides and are formed into rows. The floor has a sloped pitch from wall to wall as it was made from the bottom of a ship. The rows create small sections so that the staff can easily monitor one age group over another. Each section of tables has a wide path around it to allow for foot traffic. At the 'bow' rests a set of doors. This is the kitchen. A shallow u-shaped path cuts into the other room and the gives the kids a line to follow to retrieve their food. There's no gourmet menu here. Children are served mostly bland foods that are high in nutritional content; fish, ground cattail bread and mystery fruit cocktail compose a standard lunch and dinner. Breakfast is some kind of gruel. Food fights are not tolerated.

Dorms :
The dorms are simple. There is one for boys, one for girls and one for all children under the age of seven. Each one is a single rectangular room with cots lined up down both walls but only one side has windows. Each cot is made from a cheap metal frame and thin lily pad stuffed mattresses. Next to each one is small lock box for clothes, toiletries and the small, random items children acquire. The room is dreary and bland but tidy as it should be since punishments for various infractions include cleaning the entire dorm. The floors are a bleached out and smooth hardwood from repeated scrubbings. The ceiling is tall and shadowed in the corners and all dorms are on the first floor. The one for little kids has a lingering smell of stale urine, the boys’ dorm is musky and the girls’ room smells a bit like flowers but there is something sour mingled in the scent.

The Great Hall :

Playground :
This is little more than a patio tucked in between the high brick walls. There are some balls made of lilypads layered upon layers into the shape of a sphere. Children have a variety of games hey play with these but this only accounts for the slim majority. There are also a few buckets of chalk that can be used to draw on the weathered wooden planks.

Infirmary :
The Infirmary is a cold room. It's dark with tall skinny windows that have dirty glass. The side of the world that it faces is shadowed by other buildings and the water beneath makes cleaning the outside a difficult task. The windows do not open and so the air is always thick with pungent alcohol and herbal aromas which leave a bitter taste in the back of one's throat. Many cots made of metal and seated upon casters line one wall while bleached linen dividers float around on castered metal frames. The oil lamps cast shadows which bend and chase horrid fantasies around the room. There are a few heavier tables in the back corner away from the door where several tables of odd-looking and somewhat devious tools are lined. These 'beds' have straps, stirrups and bits which give the appearance of a very unpleasant experience. There is very little in the way of comfort or rest within this corner of the Commorancy and thus children are not likely to seek solitude here. The only thing worse than being sent to the Infirmary is faking your way there only to find that Miss Sonja hates time-wasters and has dastardly ways of punishing those who commit such a crime.

Staff Quarters :

Superintendent's Office :

Cellar :

Tower :

***If you wish to include this as part of your backstory, please discuss it with the ST first.***

:::Playing an Orphan:::

  1. You are the property of the Galatos family and thus a slave. You earn no income but pay no expenses.
  2. You cannot be older than 16.
  3. You cannot have any living family in Ravok.
  4. You have no starting money. Your 100 GM will be held until you ‘graduate’ from the orphanage.
  5. You must choose one of the three career paths; Order, Family or Business (See below).
  6. You must post two (2) job threads that relate to your chosen path every season to remain in the orphanage.
  7. All orphan PCs must have ST approval prior to posting.
  8. No wards under 13 ever leave the grounds unless through some kind of event (Calendar event, etc).
  9. Wards 14-16 may leave the Commorancy only to participate in an internship and must be accompanied by a chaperone.
  10. All wards get one day per week to take a field trip with a group provided they don't cause problems.*
  11. Once you have chosen your Path, please submit the completed form provided below to an ST for approval and so that it may be added to your SS thread.

Path Form :
Fill out your name and desired Path. Chosen Skill refers to the thing you want to improve upon or implement the most in the future. Natural Skill is a part of your character; something you already have XP in but comes easily to him or her. Focus is the overall direction that your orphan wishes to go -the person he or she wishes to become. Please submit the completed form via the Ravokian Thread of Requests so that it can be approved and added to your SS thread for adequate tracking purposes. Please send any questions via PM to your ST.

Code: Select all
[u]Chosen Skill:[/u]
[u]Natural Skill:[/u]

*This is so orphans aren't confined solely to one building. Plots (personal or citywide) may affect this and an ST may interfere or overrule certain things at any time without warning. PM your ST with questions.

Uniforms :
Courtesy of Ines

ImageSome people are born to serve and sacrifice. The strong, the brave and the powerful find places among Ebonstryfe and the City Guard while the clever and the righteous choose the Temple above the sword. This path is filled with courses that revolve around Rhysol, Ravok and the requirements that the triumvirate of organizations which rule the city require. While being popular and always full of fresh faces, this choice has the highest rate of failure.

ImageThe oldest tales of Ravok are spun by the wealthiest and most influential people in the city; Ravok's families. They employ the majority of the population outside of the Black Sun and Ebonstryfe while also funding most of the city's functions including the City Guard. Trade, business and culture are all signs of their power. The Ravokian families have their collective hands in almost everything that happens within the sphere of Ravok's influence. To serve one is a great honor and it is the hardest path to gain admittance. The Galatos family gains many wards from their school but they pick and choose which ones to place inside the homes of their peers. The courses vary greatly in this area based solely upon which family a student is pursuing.

ImageThe final path an orphan may choose is that of business. It is the most successful and most diverse set of courses offered in the Commorancy. When the services of the facility become inadequate, master tradesman and craftsmen are sought out to provide internships where they receive free labor and the child gains valuable knowledge of skills and the business that surrounds their chosen occupation. Many of these children end up becoming wards of their masters until such a time when they can strike out on their own. The Galatos encourage all business owners to take part in supporting the unfortunate youths for they believe that everyone in Ravok profits when the city thrives.

Orphan Starting Package:
  • 2 sets of uniforms (including undergarments and shoes): these are clean clothes but not fancy or comfortable since the fabric is so cheap.
  • 1 set of toiletries: soap, comb, brush, cup
  • 1 small duffel bag
  • 2 notebooks
  • 2 pencils
  • grey jacket
  • Heirloom
Once an orphan graduates, that PC will receive the 100 GM starting money, standard housing within the city, and the orphan package will be exchanged for the standard in-game equipment.


ImageName: Anna
Renown: Queen of the Runts
Race: Human
DOB: Fall 33, 502 AV
POB: Ravok
Skills: Acrobatics: 52, Persuasion: 34, Leadership: 31, Subterfuge: 29, Intelligence: 21
Indentifiers: Big, watery brown eyes and a headband that seems to hold her hair perfectly in place.
Description: Anna has been in the care of the Commorancy since she was four. Her father served as a member of the Ebonstryfe and was killed while patrolling the Wildlands. Her mother was reminded of the husband she lost by the little girl and turned her over to be raised and cared for by the Galatos family. The woman was never seen again.

Anna loves to tumble and perform physical feats of grace but she enjoys the power of a manipulating people into doing her bidding much more. There's not a whole lot that goes on within the orphanage that she doesn't know about when it comes to the kids. She also has developed the right relationships to keep herself in a a position of power which all of the other girls and most of the boys must respect. If one wishes to upset the balance of the dorms or the playground,
Anna is a force to be considered. Overlooking the self-appointed queen is a good way to make a lot of enemies.

ImageName: Helena
Renown: The Reader
Race: Human
DOB: Spring 7, 508 AV
POB: Ravok
Skills: Auristics: 33, Observation: 31, Investigation: 23, Interrogation: 21
Indentifiers: One green and one blue eye. The Lormar symbol marked into the back of her left hand.
Description: Helena has been at the Commorancy for quite a few years. She is quiet and typically shy but for one reason or another the girl has always seen the truth of things. Anna picked up on this and sheltered the young lass from bullies. By providing the younger girl an ally, the queen added a most useful tool in her arsenal.

When Helena was eight, she was blessed by Eyris with the gift to reveal the truth of an object In a place were truth and lies make all the difference, the ability to separate the two has not only kept the small, frail child safe but it has made her important. Perhaps, that was the goddess's wish.

ImageName: Bri
Renown: The Outcast
Race: Human
DOB: Summer 72, 504 AV
POB: Ravok
Skills: Endurance: 45, Intelligence: 40, Braiding: 32, Investigation: 27, Unarmed Combat: 19
Indentifiers: Freckles, pale skin, red hair and an innocent epression.
Description: Bri is the anti-pop. She keeps to herself and handles being the butt of many- joke and prank with grace and humility. She's tougher than she looks and very good about knowing what's going on even though she's typically far removed from the action. Bri will not hesitate to stand up in between the 'in' crowd and a solitary child who has fallen under the knife. Anna knows the redhead very well and allows her to play the part of pariah and martyr. After all, every hero needs a villain.

Miss Sonja
ImageName: Sonja Galatos
Alias: Miss Sonja
Race: Human
DOB: Fall 72, 474
POB: Ravok
Skills: Intimidation: 63, Medicine: 55, Rhetoric: 48, Organization: 44, Interrogation: 41, Persuasion: 37, Philtering: 32, Herbalism: 28
Indentifiers: Stoic and proper; deep & cold lavender eyes
Description: A blooded member of the Galatos family, Sonja is very dedicated to her work. The woman loves to see a neat and orderly facility and when it's not- well, be somewhere else. Her knowledge in medicine is high but her tolerance for children is low. Like all in her line of work, she strives for perfection. However, as an elitist in Ravok, she tends to blame her failures on others. This woman has a temper and few brave the storms that she can summon from her rage. Deep down, she wants the children to do well but being deprived of a normal childhood prevents her from fully transferring that desire to the orphans.

ImageName: Coming
Alias: Soon
Description: Words.

All NPCs are free for unmoderated use unless otherwise specified. Please play them according to their descriptions. Abuse will not be tolerated.
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