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Dulivan Darlingtonia

Postby Dulivan Darlingtonia on May 28th, 2017, 1:17 am

Dulivan Darlingtonia


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Artwork Does Not Belong To Me. Courtesy of Pinterest.

Race: Symnestra
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 25 Winter 495
Birthplace: Kalinor

Appearance: “It was a small mountain of delicate silk arranged in the most haphazard way that no one else would reasonably wear on one’s body. The diversity of it dared to rival, with its flurry of popping colors and flopping patterns, the ever changing illusions of Alvadas, yet the sight to see was the man underneath.” – A passerby’s description of Dulivan

As it is difficult to differentiate where the cloth of his turban ends and his head begins, Dulivan stands at a possible 5’5ft with an estimated weight of 125lbs once the conglomeration of fabrics is removed. The only visible sections of his body are the fossil-like amber hue of his eyes and the gentle ash tone of his skin seen in a small split of the cloth on his face as well as his arms that are visible once when he rolls up his sleeves. Every now and then, a tuft of metallic gray hair, sheen included, will poke out from his headpiece. Oddly, his favorite accessory to wear is actually a pair of earmuffs that have had the connecting band customized to be outfitted with transparent, tinted crystals to double as protection for his eyes from the sun. When worn, it covers the cloth split that reveals his face leaving him as a glob of cloth with black beady eyes. Every now and then, he will adjust his mouth covering when speaking to reveal the characteristic Symenestra fangs as he speaks. If one judges the way the multiple layers of fabric collapses on itself, he would have to have a thin to average yet durable build.

As for the uniquely arranged garments, the layout of the outfit is layered from top to bottom. The turban covers most of the head and face until it reaches the neck where the scarf is layered to be above the wraps of the turban and the collar of the tunic. The tunic itself has large, ruffled sleeves and is accompanied by a matching vest. The toga comes over the tunic/vest combo as well as coming part way down his trousers with a half cape covering up where the toga ties together on his left shoulder. His gloves are cut off half way up the finger and extend past the wrist to cover the bottom of the tunic’s sleeves. The belt ties firmly to his waist to keep his puffy trousers in place and is slightly obscured by the sash that loosely holds to his hips. The sash doubles as a holster for his water skin and gauntlets that are strung to it for easy access. His shoes are similar to outdoor slippers as they cover his toes and heel yet are uncovered past the front fourth of his foot allowing his socks to show. The overall coloring of the outfit is very asymmetrical as each garment is a combination of Dulivan’s inspiration, skill with the needle, availability of silk, and for some of them, additions to his mother’s own works.

Character Concept

“If there was one phrase that described Dulivan the least, it would be delicate fashionista. The one phrase that would fit him the most, it would be expensive rug.” – Quote From A Competitive Seamstress

Dulivan is a shy man, yet what he doesn’t say in words is explained in between the seams figuratively and literally. As a Symenstra, the man had a very split upbringing to include his racist, manipulative father and a woman that showed him love regardless of the forced duty of being an unwilling mother.

While not through personal experience, Dulivan had learned of his father’s cynical view of the world outside Kalinor. This is reflected through Dulivan’s shy personality and reluctance to open up to the surface dwellers around him. While he doesn’t see anyone as an innate enemy, the possibility keeps his guard up. As such, when he does speak it often manages to come off as uninterested all the way up to flat out rude. If push comes to shove, he proves to be decisively stubborn regardless of if the situation is a friendly competition or a fight to the death. More than likely, it is a byproduct of his father’s overly ambitious personality. It spurs Dulivan’s motivation to grow and improve. If a fight were to really break out, the man has no delusions about his physical prowess as he instead prefers to use his innate skill in acrobatics and learned skill of simple, tactical misdirection to win his fights. In competition, Dulivan’s pride doesn’t allow him to cheat past his goals. Of course, Dulivan is far from dead pan serious though.

From his mother, Dulivan picked up a love of the needle and thread as demonstrated by his unique fashion sense. It is through the cloth that he really expresses himself. Including his own outfit, each garment he creates or helps to create includes a memory and spark of inspiration dedicated to the moment. His works are akin to a diary meant for the world to see. Learned from the fondness he felt for his mother, he will sew together a creation for something or someone he finds precious rather than find the words for it. In fact, if he tried to verbalize it, he’d sputter his words out in a significantly less sweet manner than the works he produces. This sewing habit of his keeps him in a constant state of aloof observation or unnerving concentration as he immortalizes the moments he captures in his works. A constant loop now emphasized by his journey out of Kalinor.

Almost as if he had been born anew, Dulivan now wanders the streets of Alvadas to not only find a purpose for his Gleaning but to also find a purpose for himself.

Character History (Prior to RP)

Time Period: 25 Winter 495 – 10 Spring 517

“Darlingtonia Californica, it’s the name of a plant from a fantasy universe. The family, such as its namesake, is one that radiates warmth and color yet bellies the slow, painful existence for those who fall prey to its trap.” – Excerpt of a Darlingtonia Family Tome

As with many other Symenestrian children, Dulivan’s first kill was his own mother. His potent venom coursed through her being as it brought the unknown woman to a painful end before she could even lay her eyes on the unwanted progeny. The “crisis” went by without a single cry from the newborn. Even moments into his existence, the boy knew what he was.
In Dulivan’s younger years, he was supported by his father, Davantil Darlingtonia. The man was proud and deceitful with an avid appreciation for Viratas. In particular, he found blood to be an aspect of life shared among too many. A proper bloodletting of those unworthy of the gift would allow the mysterious god to bestow the now free blood to a form that required it. Unworthy was a very vague term for Davantil though. A cutthroat that spilt blood for gold and a medicine man that changed blood to cure the ill were similar defilers in his book. As such, the man had learned many skills fit to follow his beliefs. Skills that even the more even minded Symenestra would have a hard time arguing against. Skills that are to one day be passed onto his son.

From Dulivan’s first steps to first words and beyond, Davantil could only think of what uses the boy would be. Especially once it came time to teach the boy the “secret” which made the Symenestra race infamous, the Harvest. It would be the boy’s first time out in the world and no doubt his first time relishing in a kill. Yet, the years were long and at some point during these years of growth, Davantil had left on his second harvest. The victim was a half breed named Diane. She was part human and part Akvatari. He wouldn’t say where he found her, but it was not by accident that she was chosen. While breeding was a key part of her selection, he hid a grotesque pleasure in knowing that he would be able to offer a “satisfying” death to this woman with corrupted blood that sprouted her tail and an incomplete existence.

By this point, Dulivan was past his time as a toddler and now a boy eager to learn more about the world around him. Davantil had begun his tutelage of his son during these years. While the basics of Symnestrian life were a major part of the boy’s education, the father emphasized the innate acrobatics the race held especially when combined with the potent sharpness of their claws and fangs. Even a simple game of hide and seek with the loser receiving a swift rack to the ribs would teach the basics of stealth and timing. Aside from the “games” the two played, Dulivan also studied in the Cribellum. Davantil played a hand in what the boy studied. Often, it would be books of geography, history, and most of all violence. It was important that the boy be learned in the dangers of the world and know what to look out for be it traps or people. Dulivan, himself, many times took to his own studies though. In his spare time, the boy would meet with his newly acquired parent. The woman, whom was much different from his own people, had a unique and alluring aura to her. Being his mother, he felt the need to bond with her. Diane too felt the faint bond between the two. While it was true that she was no more than a prisoner in this underground world and the comforts provided, while more than adequate, were no more than pitiful attempts at keeping her complacent. The boy forced upon her still held an innocence that reminded her of the world above. As such, she taught the boy the joy of color and of string. Diane was a practiced seamstress and the ample amount of textile that the Symnestra were famous for allowed her to stretch her prowess to its utmost. Together with the boy, Diane would spend her time sewing quilts, scarves, robes, cloaks, and more. Each with its own eye catching design to compliment the fair colors already put into the fabric. It wasn’t long before Dulivan was sewing his own makeshift blankets and pillows. At least, whenever he wasn’t sucking on his freshly pricked fingers. By the end of the second month of Diane’s stay in Kalinor, she gifted the boy a hand woven pair of earmuffs. With a fragile smile, the mother told her son to wear these through the night as a sign of their bond. Dulivan did just that.

Nine months later, Dulivan was graced with a baby sister. “Graced” being a very kind term for the contortions present on the dying face of the only mother he had ever and will ever know. It was with Diane’s last struggle that Sorana Darlingtonia was born into the world. Quickly and mercilessly, Davantil slit Daine’s throat as the pain caused by the venom reached its climax. Then with a cold smile, he picked up his daughter. Unlike her quiet brother and unlike many other babies of the world, she was held by her father with a smirk on her face and a giggle being her first sound. Fresh blood of her mother dripped from her father’s hands onto the child. Dulivan had to scream, but at that moment, it was as if he had no mouth. In these first several years, the boy knew what he would never be.

By the time adulthood had reached the eldest child, Dulivan had eased out of the basics his father had taught him for these many years, but it wasn’t exactly to Davantil’s expectations. While the young man could defend himself if need be, his knowledge in history gleaned tactics that allowed the man many opportunities to avoid his “overbearing” father. In his spare and makeshift spare time, Dulivan still enjoyed working the needle and thread in memory of his lost mother. Just like her, he created designs with the sole purpose of catching ones attention. Unfortunately, his creations lacked in the experience his mother from the surface had. Going off the books from the Cribellum, he was limited by his own imagination that yearned to see beyond Kalinor’s ceiling.

One day, that yearning became a purpose. Once his training was deemed complete, Davantil came to his son about the deepest held traditions of the Symenestra. Naturally, the Harvest was of no secret to Dulivan. Having witnessed his own mother’s death at the hands of his baby sister, he wanted no part in the act. Yet, the words Dulivan had been expecting never came from Davantil. His father, wise to the young man’s emotions, instead told him of an alternate path, the Gleaning. With no more than what what he could carry on his back and a direction, eastward, Davantil sent Dulivan off on his first mission for the good of Kalinor. Go off and find a woman with talents great enough to support us all. Eagerly, Dulivan accepted his father’s request and without more than a second to pack all the possessions he owned, he went off past the entrance of Kalinor.

Character History (Post RP)

“One day I’ll make a garment for you. Don’t worry, I won’t add any red.” – Dulivan’s Random Thoughts.

Time Period: 10 Spring 517 - ???

To Be Created.


Fluent Language: Symnestra, Common


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Sewing 25 SP 25 Competent
Unarmed Combat 5 SP 5 Novice
Stealth 5 SP 5 Novice
Tactics 5 SP 5 Novice
Acrobatics 10 RB, 10 SP 20 Novice


Helpful Lores: (Pick 2)
Lore of Symnestra
Lore of Stitching With Needle and Thread


1 Set of Clothing – Cloth (Very Colorful)
-Turban, Tunic, Vest, Toga, Half Cape, Scarf, Sash, Belt, Cloak, Trousers, Undergarments.
- Silk Gloves, Shoes
1 Pair of Gaunlets
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 Eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 Sewing Kit
-Key for Home in Alvadas

Heirloom: Dulivan carries the earmuffs sewn by his late mother. During his childhood, in anticipation of the future Harvest he would part take in, he had outfitted the connection of the muffs with slits that could hold tinted glass. With the custom job, the earmuff portion could still hold onto his head, silence noises, and keep his ears warm, and it could be used as protection of his eyes that remain unused to the surface world’s sun.


Location: Where in Mizahar are you living?

Dulivan’s father had given his son a key to a simple house in Alvadas prior to Dulivan’s departure. The home had been Davantil’s during his own expeditions outside of Kalinor, and it would serve as a good rest stop for the young man’s journey through his Gleaning.

House: By default the house will cost 500 GM and be the default measurements of 20x20ft. The house, also comes with a key which acts as a sort of compass that tugs the possessor of the key in the direction of the house which the key belongs to (It would be best described as two magnets attracting each other). The house includes a hearth, bunk, chest, chair, and table.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cotton Headwear, Turban -7 SM 99 GM 3 SM
Cotton Tunic -8 SM -5 CM 98 GM 4 SM 5 CM
Cotton Vest -1 GM -5 CM 97 GM 4 SM
Cotton Toga -1 SM 97 GM 3 SM
Cotton Cape, Half -1 GM 2 SM -5 CM 96 GM 5 CM
Cotton Scarf -3 SM -5 CM 95 GM 7 SM
Cotton Sash -3 SM - 5 CM 95 GM 3 SM 5 CM
Leather Belt -4 SM 94 GM 9 SM 5 CM
Silk Gloves -12 GM -5 SM 82 GM 4 SM 5 CM
Cotton Cloak -8 SM - 5 CM 81 GM 9 SM
Cotton Trousers -1 GM 80 GM 9 SM
Silk Shoes -7 GM 5 SM 73 GM 4 SM
Undergarments -3 SM -5 CM 73 GM 5 CM
Gauntlets -2 GM 71 GM 5 CM
Sewing Kit -18 GM 53 GM 5 CM
Silk (4 sq. yd) -40 GM 13 GM 5 CM

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