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Postby Osh on June 22nd, 2017, 6:05 pm

Race: Kelvic (Scarlet Tanager)

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Date of birth: Spring, 3/23/514 AV

Place of Birth: Southern Taldera

Occupation: None

Sexuality: To be determined based on bond

Background (Pre-Creation): All of his life, Osh has resided in the southern forests of Taldera. He was allowed away from the care of his parents at four months where he flew off on his own. By using the survival skills taught to him by his parents, he has been able to survive most of his life in the wilderness.

Concerning family in his background, Osh has never honestly felt a very deep attachment to his parents or siblings. He does still think about them occasionally but hasn't had any sort of contact with them since they were released from the care of their parents.

Description (Pre-Creation): The physical trait that connects Osh back to his animal-form is his bright red hair like the plumage of the Scarlet Tanager along with the black streaks around the edges that are reminescent of his black wings and tail. He usually has his hair braided in order to keep it out of the way when he's climbing or gathering food. However, recently he has learned to tie it back in dreadlocks and makeshift string from watching a band of travellers. From his tree climbing in order to watch and scout from the treetops, he has developed broad shoulders and muscles especially in his arms and legs. He will most of the time wear a few layers of furs and pelts, but will other times remain nude as he finds clothing to be a nusciance.

Concerning humans, Osh has little interaction with humans aside from watching them from the treetops in order to satisfy his curiosity. Yet, this is also because he, despite the want for a bondmate, becomes nervous and anxious when on the same level as a human. This has caused him to be quite lonely behind his cold and quiet exterior. Additionally, because he has remained unbonded way past the time he has reached sexual maturity, the feeling is only increased. It can be lessened when he is in his animal form around other scarlet tanagers like himself.

Lifespan: Up to 10 years or so

Skill Set:
Climbing (6)
Wilderness Survival (7)
Land Navigation (6)
Dagger (6)
Scavenge (5)
Observation (5)
Hunting (5)
Running (5)
Sewing (5)

Starting Items: (note that some of these objects were taken from camps where people either died or abandoned it)

1 pair of worn trousers (grey)
1 simple shirt (brown)
1 pair of furred boots (grey)
1 cloak (brown)
1 pair of simple undergarments
10 arrows
1 bow
A satchel which contains:
-1 telescope
-1 comb of bone
-Sewing needle and thread (string is made of the inner bark of trees)
Flint & Steel
3 daggers of bone
1 carving knife of bone
1 Waterskin
2 Blankets
1 hammer stone
2 wooden spears
1 carved pipe
100 gold Mizas


Lore of the Way of the Dagger (Dagger)
Lore of the Observation of the Human Species (Observation)


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