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Postby Kanawcha on October 7th, 2017, 3:48 am



Race: Chaktawe
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: 5, Spring, 500 AV
Birthplace: A tent in the desert of Eyktol

Kanawcha stands at 5’7 and weights 168 pounds. His hair is long, reaching to about the mid point of his back and black like the rest of his people. His eyes a jet black when they are fully open and an off grey when his second set of eye lids are closed. He wears a painted black streak across his eyes to remember where his is from and to honor his clan. Like most other Chaktawe’s, he has longer legs made for running. Kanawcha has no tattoos or visible scars other than a few cuts and scratches that have healed over time. His skin is a light copper. He is not one to wear shoes often and prefers to walk around topless enjoying the warmth of Syna and the ground beneath his feet.

Character Concept

Kanawcha is a young Chakwate hunter that looks to follow in his footsteps his father who is a falconer. Inspired by the skill and respect that his father and his bird had for one another Kanawcha decided that he too would become a falconer.

Aside from his dreams at becoming a falconer, Kanawcha wishes to please the gods and find purpose for his life. Not accepting that he was just another man to live and die. He is a man of great religion like the others in his tribe, praising Eywaat and Makutsi. A strong believer in the natural cycle, he holds Dira and Caiyha in high regards.

Character History

Born in spring, the season of rebirth, Kanawcha was born into the Kalanue tribe, his father a hunter and his mother an artist. Born in the clay of Semele with his mother resting hidden by their tent from Syna’s eye. The first born of his parents, Kanha and Nemia.

From a young age Kanawcha knew that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps. Listening to his father's tales of hunting with his bird and how the two worked together as a pair gave Kanawcha a sense of pride. As Kanawcha aged he began to pick up on things while watching his father tend to the birds. Around the age of seven, his father began to pass on his wisdom to his young son. Training him in the ways of falconry and hunting.

As he grew, he learned the ways of his people. He was taught how to hunt down the goats that roamed in their path during their mating seasons. Playing in the red dirt and clay of the lands with the other children and watching the adults barter with the other peoples of the desert.

At the age of fifteen, Kanawcha was brought before the Wayhali. The ritual of “the searching” was about to begin for him. It was an important part in any Chaktawe’s life. He looked upon the older members of his family and members of the tribe. Their faces painted in black as he walked, none paying attention to him before he was brought in front of the Wayhali. A black raven’s feather was tied into his hair and he was sent off with the words of the Wayhali to find his guardian.

"We are with you in the raven, in our gods, in our wisdom. When you leave us, you take us. When you walk alone we follow. So take no path that would turn you from honor. For when you turn aside, we all do."

Kanawcha traveled with his horse, Tooh in search of his guardian. After a little more than a season of roaming he left the desert and came into the plains known as the Sea of Grass with a small caravan of people who had agreed to let him travel with them in exchange for help with their supplies. The caravan was met by men riding horses with tattoos on their arms. The people who he traveled with called them the Drykas. After talking with the men, he was led back to their tent city and has since lived among them as he continued his journey.


Fluent Language: Tawna
Basic Language: Common
Poor Language: N/A


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Falconry 25 SP 25/100 Novice
Hunting 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Riding 10 SP 10/100 Novice
Weapon: Shortbow 5 SP 5/100 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Plains 10 RB 10/100 Novice


Falconry: The purpose of the Hood
Lore of Drykas Culture


Set of Clothing
-Ankle Length Tunic with Short Sleeves
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Leather Sandals
-Leather belt
-Leather vest
-Leather vest
-Cotton pants
-Cotton pants
-Leather Boots, low
-Leather cloak
-20 Shortbow arrows
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
-1 large tent (4 person),
-large tarp
-100 ft of rope
-2 torches
-fishing tackle & hooks
-a compass
-a Eyktolian Desertbred
-a full set of tack
-a large set of saddlebags.
-Trappers toolkit
-Bird call
-Preserving kit
-Hood, 3 peice
-Falconry Gloves
-Dried Apples, 1 LB
-Salted pork,1 LB
85 Gold Mizas 2 Silver Mizas

Heirloom: Trappers tool kit given to him by his father.

Location: Endrykas

House: A mostly empty four person tent


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Leather belt - 4 SM 99 GM 6 SM
Leather vest - 6 SM 99 GM
Leather vest - 6 SM 98 GM 4 SM
Cotton pants - 1 GM 97 GM 4 SM
Cotton pants - 1 GM 96 GM 4 SM
Leather Boots, low -6 SM 95 GM 8 SM
Leather cloak - 1 GM 94 GM 8 SM
Hood, 3 peice - 3 GM 91 GM 8 SM
Falconry Gloves - 6 SM 91 GM 2 SM
Jesses - 2 GM 89 GM 2 SM
Dried Apples, 1 LB - 1 GM 88 GM 2 SM
Salted pork,1 LB -3 GM 85 GM 2 SM
Shortbow -30 GM 55 GM 2 SM
Shortbow arrows (20) -1 GM 54 GM 2 SM
Quiver - 20 GM 34 GM 2 SM
Birdcall -5 SM 33 GM 3 SM
Preserving Kit - 5 GM 28 GM 3 SM

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Postby Meadow on October 26th, 2017, 3:14 pm

Your information looks really good and makes good sense. Just a few small things can be done to kind of help reduce the size of your CS post.

1. Using the tab BBC code, you can organize the lores and the possessions.

2. Falconry and the use of gear is a rather broad lore. Now you can shorten it to explain what gear you are talking about instead.

PM me if you have any issues getting these resolved, or let me know when they are resolved. Thank You

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