New Guy Asking Noob Questions

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New Guy Asking Noob Questions

Postby William Silverdawn on December 5th, 2017, 6:44 am

Hello! Been browsing for Fantasy RP sites and ran into this one so I wanted to give it a try.

I have two questions, the first is probably best handled by an admin.

But I'm trying to set up my character profile picture. And I can't seem to upload anything. I tried uploading it directly from my computer, then placing it on imgur so I'm unsure as to what exactly I need to do. If any of you are curious it is this picture right here, (Note this is commissioned artwork I own and all credits go to Christy) Is this something I need to wait for it to update or am I doing something wrong? Help me Obi-wan Canobi you're my only hope!

Secondly, I read up the lore on the Syl...sil....Sylrian...I'm gonna go with that. The Sylrian Knights. I'm very interested in RPing as a knight and I'm curious what would be the best course to go. Should I start off as a fully fledged knight, should I be a Squire? Page? Are Bush Knights (Essentially Rogue Knights who roam the world and commonly slept under Bushes) a thing?

I'd greatly appreciate if I could pick a fellow Knight RPer's brain so I can help build my character.

Thank you!
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New Guy Asking Noob Questions

Postby Gossamer on December 5th, 2017, 11:52 am

I'm going to try to answer from my tiny phone!

Looks like you got the first problem fixed.

A Sykiran Knight is from Sykiras which is currently closed until it gets a new moderator. We do that so I don't loose my shit trying to be a babysitter mod for the whole game when a mod retires. That being said there are knight's out in the world roaming. Everything stays the same as on the lore pages except your in another city like the Riverfall Outpost. You can start wherever you want in terms of rank. If your a squire you can serve an PC or NPC patron. If you start as a full knight you'll need to flashback your Knighting Quest. That might take a while because frankly mod time is precious and your an unknown. Some of us don't want to design and start a big quest for a new person that's going to vanish in five minutes... It's happened too many times.

So I recommend starting as a squire to avoid that "prove your gonna be around" limbo.


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