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Acora Cato

Postby Acora Cato on December 22nd, 2017, 7:32 am

Acora Cato
Race, age and gender
Acora is Charoda, is 20 years old, and Female
Acora's skin is a light sapphire color, her eyes being a dark, almost black, sapphire. She has a shark-like dorsal fin that is in the middle of the back of her head, behind both of her ears are spiky dorsal fins that go from the top of her head to the back of her neck. Her webbing is a lighter sapphire.
She use to live in Charbosi until she was 16 when she was exploring the ocean floor. She was swept away by a strong current that she couldn't swim against. She got lost at sea so she tried wondering back home, this made her more lost. She explored and explored until she fond here self in a lake.
Character Concept
she is kind, a loner, adventurous, brave, and oblivious. Acora loves playing the lyre, singing, explore land, and growing coral. Her any goal is find her way home. Acora is a very self-loathing person, hating herself for doing nothing to find Charbosi yet she expects to find it one day. And even though she jokes, has fun, and looks happy, inside she is just a board, homesick, and fearful girl who doesn't know where to go or do.
Starting Package\
Equipment: Her clothing (a shirt, shorts, sandals that she doesn't wear, and a torn cloak), and a backpack (she had it with her since she was adventuring) filled with a set of toiletries, flint n' steal, and an eating knife
Family Heirloom: A lyre, made by one of her mom, Yoona, it's made of coral and string. It has a intricate design that depicts her other mom's, Torina, favorite animal: the loin fish. It was given to Acora when her moms taught her a song that was passed down from generation to generation, called Beau Poisson. The song is actually written in an unknown language so she doesn't know what the lyrics mean. Every time she plays that song she brakes into tears, but it makes her severely less homesick sooo.... it's worth it.
Money: 589 gold rimmed Mizas
Housing: a large tent, a bedroll, and a blanket
Skills: Singing-10pts. scavenging-13pts. logical thinking-3pts. Navagation-14pts. bravness-10pts.
Lores: Beau Poisson, and the three fold rule(the rule that what ever you do, good or bad, come back at you three time the strength.)
Languages: She speaks Char fluently, speaks the common tongue at it's basic level, and speaks poor French (because she can sing Beau Poisson but she doesn't know what she is saying or that she is speaking French)
Acora has two moms, Torina and Yoona, who she holds deer to her heart. She was raised as a normal Charoda(until the accident). Now she lives in a lake in a place she doesn't recognize, even though she doesn't recognize it she has still explored the lake and land around the lake and knows it like the back of her hand(because she has lived there for three and a half years)
Acora Cato
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