[Work in progress] Maxie WIP - i'm new please help thank you

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Maxie WIP - i'm new please help thank you

Postby Maxie on January 10th, 2018, 2:29 pm

I am making my character but i'm new to Mizahar and will most likely get things wrong and help is greatly appreciated - thank you in advance :)

This is all i have so far:

Basic information:
Name: Maxie
Race: Human
Age: 18 years
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Physical Description:
Skin: Fair (light)
Hight: 5:3
Wight: 90 pounds
Hair: dusty blond, messy
Eyes: left green right blue
A light small body with fair skin and dusty blond hair with very little to no body hair Maxie is not very strong physically but makes up for that with his imagination and other assorted skills. Maxie has Heterochromia iridium meaning he has two different eye colours for Maxie his left eye is a lovely green and his right eye is a deep aqua blue making him quit desirable among many people.

Character Concept:

Character History:

Maxie had lived with his brother until a rather unfortunate event, his brother had gotten a Kalvic mainly to do work for him however the Kalvic had bonded to Maxie instead, Maxie treated the unnamed Kalvic like a person often reading her to sleep and playing games, his brother however did not instead he would treat her as a slave. When Maxie’s brother realised that the Kalvic was not bound to him he did an unforgiveable thing, he killed the Kelvic and tried to kill Maxie his only living relative. Yet Maxie had escaped due to local guards had heard the ruckus and intervened before Maxie was killed but the loss of the Kelvic had left him heartbroken as he had loved her like a older brother would love and care for a younger sister. now he has just arrived at RiverFall hoping to start a new life that’s better than the previous one.

Training & Skill Points

Equipment / Possessions


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