Solo Tales In The Night

Meriann learns of the priest of Dira who has arrived in Sunberth

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Tales In The Night

Postby Meriann on January 27th, 2018, 3:51 am

27th Winter 517 AV

22nd bell, at the Drunken Fish tavern
The Drunken Fish was a welcome sight that evening. Meriann had spent the whole day fishing out in the ocean, a task that had been long and disappointingly fruitless. The fish stock was fleeting and difficult to understand - and she had managed to finally catch a good enough haul to hand over to Kiarsha before anchoring at the dock and wandering over to the tavern for the night. It was the frequent haunt of sailors, so Meriann felt welcomed as soon as she stepped through the door.

She was sat down now, around a squat, three-legged table littered with the playing cards she and her new-found friends had abandoned a bell ago.
The game had been fun whilst it lasted, although she did not have much skill when it came to playing. Her poker face was atrocious, something that was easy to manipulate by Hiver and his two sons. Meriann liked them even so. Hiver, she had come to realise, was much like her father had been - even-spirited and relaxed, with many years of experience under his belt. His sons, Julian and Goddri, were equally laid-back, but the small family had many tales to tell, and Meriann was all ears.

Julian, the youngest son, was the most talkative of the group. Meriann liked him, not only because of his friendliness but because of his ability to tell a tall tale. It was fairly obvious that some of the stories he came out with were falsehoods, like the story of catching a 'massive' shark and managing to eat it all in one night, or the tale of their impressive chase of a rogue who had sailed off with some precious cargo of theirs involving a god she'd never heard of and a fiendishly attractive woman who'd turned out to be a monster of some kind or another. They'd laughed with her though, and she rather enjoyed the absurdness of the tales he told. The tavern was dimly lit with the flickering embers of a fire that was slumbering into the night, and the smoke of several pipes lingered in the air above their heads. It was a night for telling stories.

Goddri spoke. He was the quietest of all of them, and each time he stirred she found herself surprised by his rumbling bass. "Have you heard of the rumour going around town, Meriann?" The Svefra woman hadn't, and said as much. "We've been considering it. Some say there's treasure, others that there's monsters. Who could say really, other than that priest of Dira, but gods know priests are a funny lot."

Meriann frowned, a tad confused. "Consid'rin' what, Goddri?" Talk of monsters had her pitching forwards, but it was the treasure that got her all the more curious.
Treasure could mean all manner of things. It could be mizas, which could buy her all manner of new and wonderful things. It could be some rare artifact... a thought which mystified and entranced her. It could all be a huge pile of petch all, too, but by now Julius was adding his own explanation, and the man's illuminating speech only furthered her imagination.

"We're considering meeting Calidus Mortem, that priest, on Lodestar Isle. Seeing what he has to say. There's talk that he's some kind of ill omen, that 'cause he's a priest of Dira he's here to cause death. But I figure that as he's a priest, whatever he's here for must be important. And if it's important, it's gotta be better than the usual shyke that floats around these parts... You get it, right? Why would someone turn up out of the blue like that if it weren't important? An' I reckon as long as you're not thick as pig shyke and don't turn out to be fodder for the supposed monsters in the bargain, then you're likely to be winnin' rather than losin'"

She ruminated on his words, and they shared a conspiratory glance. She'd never been on a treasure hunt, and the thought and idea of one sounded appealing. The thought never crossed her mind that it could be any kind of scam, or trap. Instead, bolstered by the smoky atmosphere and the tales built up to that moment, Meriann was instead resolving to find the priest named Calidus and volunteer herself for whatever was to come.

"We might meet you there then, Meriann? We heard that they're meeting someplace at the docks. Late two days from now." Julian's voice changed as he twisted in his tracks. "What'd you do with treasure Meriann?"
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