Small question about time

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Small question about time

Postby Leyas Reefcaller on April 1st, 2018, 9:51 pm

i've seen it, a season= 91 days, all that stuff, but i was wondering how years work, as i didn't understand quite well, but is it the regular 4 seasons = a year? if so, a year here is longer than a normal year, or is it (most likely) different and if so, could someone explain it to me? thank you

and with that out of the way, would about 8 years be long here? i wanted to see if i could ask for a scorpion kelvic, but if i don't get that its fine, i just want to see how time works before i ask or it will cut the lifespan a lot, as scorpions can't live more than 25 years for some. thank you in advance
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Small question about time

Postby Gossamer on April 2nd, 2018, 12:58 am

Hi there!

There's 365 days in a year here just like in the real world!

We break them into four seasons.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The watchtowers around Miz change colors (they have a big watchstone on the top) according to what season it is.

Spring - March April May - Green Watchstone
Summer - June July August - Yellow Watchstone
Fall - Sept Oct Nov - Red Watchstone
Winter - Dec Jan Feb - Blue Watchstone

Each season is 91 days except Winter which is 92 days.
(We had to do that because of course 4 won't divide into 365 evenly)

The new year starts Spring 1... which Is March 1st. Why? Well because we forgot to change the year the first year we were open until March. True story. We're all just used to it now.

This all found in the Calendar and Timestamping posts in the Wiki.

Its possible (but very unlikely) you can play a scorpion Kelvic. I'd allow it to a veteran player that is an experienced RPer and has given a lot to the site. That's what special permission PCs are all about. You don't qualify for that right now. It's possible you will in the future.


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