Quest Meteors and Missing Constellations

A search party ventures into the Unforgiving.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

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Meteors and Missing Constellations

Postby Luminescence on April 17th, 2018, 4:27 pm

Meteors and Missing Constellations

The 80th of spring, 518 AV
Early morning, after the dawn rest

Lhavit had been in a state of panic the past few days. It was mostly contained; between the Shinya and Zintila's loyal followers, the general population was by and large kept calm and reassured. But that didn't stop the whispers that spread like a wildfire throughout the skyglass city.

When earlier in the season a shower of meteors had passed overhead, the people of Lhavit had been borderline ecstatic. Meteor showers were not a rare thing, but they were always seen as a good thing; a sign, an omen, of good luck and fortune to come. As always, a small group of Zintila's Constellations had left to retrieve what they could of the skyglass seeds.

The mountainous forest surrounding Lhavit was not kind; unforgiving in both nature and name, it was not for just anyone to venture deep into the trees. Accidents happened, tragedies occurred; natural disasters, monster attacks, carelessness. It was not unheard of for people to not return from ventures into the wilderness, even if they were as well-prepared as possible.

But what wasn't normal was for an entire group of those closest to the Star Lady to simply vanish, and when they finally reappeared, to be injured and missing several of their original numbers.

Theories and rumours had been spreading ever since the Constellations had returned, hushed and fearful. What had attacked them? Wild animals, desperate for food? Zith on a hunt? Monsters full of rage? Something even more sinister? Nobody knew for certain; those involved had been tight-lipped, even when the announcement of the search and the request for volunteers had gone out.

Nilen had made the announcement herself several days prior; letters had been slipped under doors, tacked to walls, and word had passed quickly from mouth to mouth. Now, on the morning of the 80th, she stood by the Amaranthine Gate, waiting to see who had answered her call for help.

She was dressed in sturdy clothing, a backpack on her shoulders and a dagger at her hip. She had no experience with weaponry, but knew better than to enter the forests of the mountain unarmed.

Glancing around, she paused when she caught sight of a beautiful figure walking towards her, blonde hair and lavender horns shining in the sun. "Talora," Nilen greeted the fallen daughter of Syna, nodding her head and smiling gently.

"Hello Nilen. I do hope you have room for one more?" The Ethaefal stopped in front of Nilen; she was outfitted similarly, clearly ready to join the expedition.

Nilen hesitated, then nodded. "Of course. Your help would be greatly appreciated." Neither of the women had much experience with weapons or wilderness survival, and they were both aware of it; but as figures of leadership in the city, and as ones close to Zintila, they had certain obligations.

"Wonderful." Talora gave a sweet, serene smile. "Do you know who we are expecting?"

"I have no idea," Nilen spoke honestly. The call had gone out with all of the necessary information; that they would be searching for the missing Constellations in the forests surrounding the Misty Peaks, and that anyone willing to help should meet at the Gate just after the dawn rest period. Nilen had no idea who, if anyone, had decided to volunteer, but she had faith in the residents of Lhavit.

Talora nodded, and the two women settled into a comfortable silence as they waited for the appearance of those that had decided to help, the sun slowly creeping over the horizon and bringing Syna's light over the land, the pale morning gradually growing brighter.

Anyone approaching the gate would spot the pair of figures easily, even Nilen's presence diminished in the company of the regal Talora. The two women were clearly waiting, and should someone approach them, they would be greeted with two smiles. One wide and welcoming from Nilen, and one more gentle and warm from Talora, before the women inquired if they were there to join the search party.
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Meteors and Missing Constellations

Postby Shibura on April 18th, 2018, 1:52 am

The air felt good through the boy’s raven hair as he strode towards the Amaranthine Gate he had packed light, A Single axe from his Carpentry kit, In case of need for chopping wood, his sword of course, none traveled the wild areas without some form of weapon, and a book and ink, Shibura was a seeker of knowledge and always had a writing tool on him at any given time, even during times which travelling light was essential, His hand stayed on the cane as he walked towards the figures in the distance, whistling a small tune as he approached the figures, his cloak loosely tied around his waist, not finding the need to wear it just yet. It would presumably get colder later and saving his warmth for that would be better than making him sweat now.

Upon meeting the two figures he was surprised to see two women that seemed, untrained maybe they were the ones that called in for volunteers, Hoping that he wasn't in to over his head he took a closer look at the pair, Both Different than he expected, they were both determined, his easygoing nature would probably make them be a bit off put. Shibura Smiled at the women and gave them a smile, One of compassion. These ladies were here to help after all and he was One of their volunteers, Hopefully not the only one. Upon the Query from the elegant woman and her more simply Dressed but still beautiful woman he nodded Simply. “I Volunteered, My name is Shibura. I am a Novice warrior, as well as a practitioner of Reimancy, I will be assisting you to the best of my ability this Day ladies.if I may ask your names in return ?” Finishing his introduction he bowed Rather awkwardly, not used to addressing Women of Such high standing he knew, at the very least that the woman with horns was highly regarded in his new homes, and her dress was far more than a common adventurers clothing would normally be.

He took Careful notice that both women had small Daggers on their Person. “I See you have prepared, at least somewhat, Do you two know how to handle those blades ?” it was a plain question left devoid of a condescending tone, he was honestly just making sure he knew if he would have to dive in front of these ladies to protect them if it came down to it.

After his question was answered he would not softly and query them one final time to make sure. “Have you brought additional supplies aside from weapons, and do we have any idea what kind of number we are expecting of volunteers for this expedition”
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