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Postby Andri on August 2nd, 2018, 1:18 pm



Race: Konti
Gender: Female
Age: 238 years old as of this season (Summer 518 AV)
Birthday: 6th of Summer, 280 AV
Birthplace: Mura, on the White Isle


Age looks different from the end of it -- that's what Andri remembers a grandmother telling her as a fresh young thing of 30 or so years old. She remembers not entirely understanding, but worriedly holding the frail, webbed hand with the childish hope that one who had lived so long might just keep living, against all odds and illnesses. She remembers the moment she realized that somehow the shift from life to death hadn't woken her from her thoughts, that someone she had loved had simply slipped away from her unnoticed as she stared through a window. At the time, she grieved quietly, deeply, as was appropriate; and she kept the last words as a secret for herself, afraid that another might hear them and find a last message that a distracted girl had missed.

These past decades, though, she has come to understand.
To say that Andri is old feels to her like a slight. "She's old" -- said as easily as one could note an unsightly mole or a predisposition towards warm climates, said as easily as the skills and trades so carefully honed could be attributed. Andri feels invaded by age, battered and besieged by time. She is infused by age and has it running through her, running over her, running past her. As a Konti woman, she does not appear as a human nearing the end of life might, but to a seasoned observer the signs are there. Though an unfamiliar human might after a cursory glance put her near 30, it would leave an odd feeling to do so. She steps carefully, taking pains not to bend on her worse days and keeping to stable footing on which she can more easily hide these betrayals that her body has begun to mount against her. Many days, Andri can take long walks, the result of her genetic luck and careful life both, and even brave stairs; but though what goes up must come down, she finds her right knee occasionally protesting this fact and trying to refuse to comply. Her vision and hearing remain acute, thankfully, and her mind sharp -- mostly (more said later). Pale, blue-white eyes stand out from light skin, framed by grey-white hair starting to bristle with age and neglect from a distracted scholar who considers it a useful place to store a pencil and little else. She wears it short, unusually so, most typically, but in her travels before Lhavit stopped bothering to keep it trimmed and has let it grow to a few inches below her shoulders. She tends to keep it pulled back and typically up, proudly displaying the delicate scales reaching up the base of her neck in a wispy vine, delicate and exquisite. In her younger days, Andri liked to boast low-backed tops and translucent panels -- delicate and beautiful, as she knew she and her sisters were -- but that, as Andri sternly reminds herself, was a young woman -- not the creature she is now. She dresses sensibly in deference to local weather and customs wherever she travels but makes a point of altering her garments to have large, useful pockets that might house something so large as a small notebook for her observations (she used to proudly declare them studies, but these days avoids such terms and the weary knowledge of her own scholarly inadequacies they bring).

Andri stands at 5'2", and weighs a mere 95 pounds. Her legs in particular are surprisingly muscular for her age and her hips are small, allowing her to easily slip into boy's clothing for ease and comfort sometimes. She nowadays favors jackets, sweaters, cardigans--comfortable, simple clothing in mostly neutral colors. Her hands and feet are calloused but cared for, and the webbing between her right middle and pointer fingers is irregular from a irregularity leaving the two fingers without as much webbing between them as they should have had, tied closer together, and an ancient cut from a moment of childish anger and a mistaken attempt to "fix" herself. It isn't noticable unless one looks specifically at her hand but if that is done, they would be able to notice it without special knowledge or skill of any sort. She uses her left hand dominantly.

Character Concept

Andri is old -- she simply is. With a lifespan so long and spent with a youthful sort of appearance and attitude she rarely contemplated her mortality for the first hundred years or so, beyond brief moments leading her to push the discomfort at the thoughts away. Now, it's part of life that she can accept -- it has come for her friends, her lovers, even a child she had considered her daughter, adopted and lost and then gone, having aged without a mother's experience to guide her through the end. Andri has seen history that wows many but is beginning to have trouble with the one thing she could always rely on: her experiences. With age, Andri has started to realize certain memories becoming clouded or difficult, and slowly stopped sharing them to avoid the pain she feels when she finds that she has misremembered or confused or simply forgotten part of a story, part of herself, in public. Andri had an unusually stubborn temperment for a Konti child but kept it in check well enough to fit in, happily, among her family and friends. She has spent much of her life traveling in search of languages: she is, frankly, a linguist, dedicated to understanding the nuances of language as a whole and in its forms, to the thrill of finding entirely different worldviews through another's words in her mouth and the glorious interwoven patterns and structures between them. In her more loftily idealistic youth she wished to pursue understanding and empathy through her work; today, she hides her scholarly ambitions rather than risk losing them altogether and with them her pride in her own mind. She still collects pieces of languages, eagerly noticing speech patterns carried from a region or first language, and enjoys sharing her stories if too busy to remember to stop herself. Andri often feels entitled to respect and deference beyond what she is offered and over the decades has let her tongue grow sharper, away from the influences of the Konti of her youth. She sometimes puts on a crankier attitude than she truly feels, either in fun or uncertainty. She has chosen to come to Lhavit for the first time in many, many years in hopes of somehow relearning what she has forgotten, and she chooses to ignore the reality that it is part of aging and not something she can cure or change. The journey has re-awakened the scholarly curiosity that drove Andri to roam and learn for much of her life, and she is arriving at a city so full of different feelings that it's hard to tell what will happen. She may end up a teacher or a student, or both, but for now she's just Andri -- and you, barely old enough to be let out alone, show some respect for your elders and say hello.
Her Konti intuition is and always has been a bit haphazardly useful, as she is excellent at conversational cues and "reading" people, but never studied any divination to develop this trait and thus is not able to use it as a separate skill.

Konti Gift: "Oversharing", as Andri and Shivka nicknamed it, has been a problem as often as a help to Andri. As a child her emotions were bigger and louder than they were supposed to be, as a young Konti woman, and Andri -- like all children will at some point -- would feel that nobody understood her, which may have planted the seeds for her later exploration of the very thing we use to express and understand -- language. Her Konti Gift both exacerbated those feelings and helped her through: Andri is able to share a moment of her emotion or intent with someone within about an arm's length, without words or coherent structure, and often (to her frequent distress) in the form of the memory associated. As she grew up, she came to understand that if she established physical contact, this could be the sharing of a specific memory, which helped her as a child to give others and understanding of how an upsetting incident had been for her. The catch is that both parties must be trying to understand/learn in the interaction, and it rarely works as smoothly as she'd like, resulting in people finding themselves having unsettling jumbles of a vague memory that they know is not theirs. She prefers to keep it simple with a simple broadcast of intent or emotion and has frequently used this gift when in a language community she's not able to communicate clearly with in words. This is a very limited gift by both distance and agency, as it requires something Andri cannot do anything about with the other party's mindset to even work.

Religion: Throughout her long life, Andri has reckoned with the causes of several gods. Raised to focus on Laviku and Avalis, she retains a respect for her people's gods but feels compelled to find a match for her true passions. Her curiosity and drive for knowledge led her to Eyris immediately, and for some time Andri felt kinship with the goddess's followers. She [NOTE: I had not read Eyris's entry until after submitting a help desk request about my Konti Gift proposal, I had no idea there was an interesting parallel] felt some kinship with those granted the gnosis Lykata, for she felt her Konti Gift would be understood. As time passed, however, Andri found herself still restless. She kept filling her journals, using the long life she had been granted to share what was becoming history with those she was able to teach, and caring about more than the truth. As Andri's world changed, and she saw so much lost as cultures became more intertwined and languages changed, knowledge so easily lost -- as she wrote more and more diligently in her journals, unable to let so much be lost unrecorded to time -- Andri found a kindred spirit in the goddess Qalaya. By her 80th year, Andri quietly devoted herself to what she and her chosen goddess cared so deeply about and tried to understand and preserve everything she could. She rarely spoke of it, as Qalaya's followers were few and far between, and she always had an inkling that her goddess would rather more be understood and recorded than have that time be used singing Qalaya's praises.
In recent days, Andri's quiet loyalty to Qalaya has morphed into something more complicated. As she starts to fear that her own memories and knowledge will be lost, Andri has begun to wonder -- and wonder if Qalaya has cared at all for her follower of over a century. This beginning of doubt has taken a toll on the aging woman, and she struggles with her fear and faith in conflict. Andri has several times almost asked Qalaya, hoping her goddess is listening, why she lets this happen to someone devoted to their cause... but each she hesitates, wondering how the lines of faith change when core beliefs about most of a lifetime of dedication are shaken. In her exploration of a new life in Lhavit and a slowly changing reality of age, Andri will continue to work on her relationship with Qalaya and her acceptance of what perhaps even her goddess cannot change.

Character History

As discussed in "Concept", Andri is a Konti woman with a very long history. She was born in the city of Mura on the White Isle and was her mother's second daughter. Her father was never part of her life; she knew he was the subspecies of human known as Vantha, but rarely wondered much more. After all, she grew up with wonderful family -- sisters and cousins and aunts and grandmothers everywhere, caring deeply and providing Andri with all she could have wanted growing up. Her sister, Shivka, studied healing and found her passion in medicine; she would practice her skills from bandages to bedside manners with her young sister, who loved the game and the importance of what her sister could do and learned some basic skills herself while tagging along with Shivka to her lessons, curious as to whether she too might wish to learn this. As Shivka grew busier, though, Andri discovered loneliness. It was not for lack of playmates, but rather for lack of a single playmate she had never truly believed would be taken from her by anything, even her own work. It was in this stage of youth that Andri's unusually obstinate stubborn streak first came to light, and with it some tension. She found herself hurting with those she hurt, scared by her anger, but inexplicably pushing it as if waiting for someone to just push back. Shivka, in her mid 20s, was the only one for whom Andri could find the words of how she was feeling, and the one whose shoulder she cried on in a child's confused misery at all that had happened. In later years, she would become close again with her mother, as Andri experienced her own child's tantrums and came shyly for advice, worried to bring up a topic of discord and finding her worries unfounded, as the renewed bond was welcomed gladly.

While her sister found her love in the myriad complexities of healing, Andri took another path. To her, the most fascinating arts were verbal; she was an attentive listener with an ear for detail and an excellent memory. Though the logical patterns of linguistics, as she nicknamed it, did not come as easily to her as the relationships she would build to learn and the languages she would come to love, she found it worthwhile and sat hunched over her notebook with a determined frown most nights, muddling as best she could through uncertain ideas and her own knowledge of how little she knew and how very undetermined the path she sought even was. She found herself taking on the role of tutor often, and had many young children adopt her as a big sister or aunt or surrogate grandmother throughout the years and cry on her shoulder while she soothed them, thinking fondly of Shivka's unwavering patience with such tears all the years before. Sometimes she earned her living in such roles, other times with her passable skills as a seamstress gained, as she loves to explain, through a lifetime of needing to add bigger pockets. She is curious and enjoys learning, but has difficulty admitting ignorance or wrongdoing and tends to bluster or snap in such cases as she becomes overwhelmed by the thought of losing the memories and knowledge that she has so long defined herself through. Her decision to come to Lhavit rather than return home to Mura was made simple by the heartbreaking discovery that years of neglect and disuse had left her sounding less natural in her first language, Kontinese, than the Common she now used.

Divination level 1: Born with mark from Avalis as many Konti are.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Kontinese
Poor Language: Vani


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Anthropology 26 SP 26 Competent
Medicine 10 RB 10 Novice
Sewing 9 SP 9 Novice
Teaching 15 SP 15 Novice


Lore of the Evolution of Common(starting package)
Lore of Religion: Qalaya (starting package)


-Simple Shirt - a practical, basic cloth shirt with long sleeves in a tranquil shade of soft , light blue-grey
-Simple Pants - simply cut but sturdy pants with sweet and attractive but very basic swirls of light blue, sewn with a basic stitch by Andri with spare threads of a color she enjoyed in too small a quantity to be useful for any projects or more involved decoration than a few basic but sure stitches of color; they are intentionally a boxy and square fit with very large side pockets she added hastily to carry her notebook around
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Coat - Andri would deny that she retains any of the dramatic flair from her youthful style choices, but one might wonder if there is still some of the old -- well, young -- Andri making herself known by choosing a simple black cloak, which itself would be unremarkable but on a Konti highlights her unusual pallor and distinctive "other"ness at first glance
-Simple Boots - a pair of practical grey boots that go a few inches above the ankle, appropriate for colder climates, and clearly worn in and used often
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack, - a light grey bag with rudimentary waterproofing treatments and odd bulges where an optimistic packer clearly managed to defy spatial logic and fit a little too much in a bag, and usually an aging hand grasping the strap just below her shoulder out of habit and comfort to be reassured that nothing has been moved or taken,
which contains:
-Comb (Wood) - used reluctantly until time for a haircut comes around
-Brush (Wood) - perhaps unexpectedly, given Andri's other items and habits, kept meticulously clean, as she takes time each night to methodically remove each hair from the brush so as to start the next day without any of the previous one's mess clouding it
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Kina

Heirloom: Andri has carried her notebook for so long that it has taken up a status of heirloom in her world. The pages used are completely covered in tiny, precise writing; she takes care to let it dry and prevent smudging. Her current observations and notes and are precious to her; her notebook comes everywhere in an oversized pocket.


Location: The Okomo Estates, Lhavit

House: A basic but well-maintained cottage of 400 sq ft, with an attached garden (144 sq ft) surrounded by a 3ft stone wall and a metal gate. The cottage is stone as well, with a wooden floor and roof. On the back wall, farthest from the door, is a hearth. The furnishings are all simple: a bunk pushed up against a side wall, a chest at its end, and a small table with a single chair.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 Kina 100 Kina

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