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Jake Haddington

Postby Jake Haddington on September 7th, 2018, 3:32 am

Name : Jake Haddington
Race : Human
Birthday : 35 Summer, 490
Age : 28

Physical Appearance : Jake has a thin yet athletic build to him, and he could hold his own in a fight with someone of a larger stature. Standing at 5'9’’, he is not tall but also not short when compared to most. His skin is that of a light milk-chocolate color, as he is a mutt when it comes to his heritage, a heritage he shares with many in his home city of Sunberth. He has short black dreadlocks often worn in a ponytail with black beads and feathers, and deep blue eyes like his mother. On his lower arms, chest, and back can be found tattoos intricate and symbolic in nature representing his life, artwork he continues every turn of the seasons. From celestial symbolism, to red roses, his tattoos are nothing less than an exquisite expression of art.

Birthplace : Sunberth

Lives In : Sunberth

Languages :
1. Common
2. Kontinese
3. Shiber

Character Concept : Jake, borne of a poor brothel maiden by the name of Autumn, forced into her circumstances through poverty, was flung at an early age into the chaos that is his hometown of Sunberth. Given up by his mother, he was taken in by the local roughhousing ragtag group of orphan mutts borne of similar circumstances. Having come from nothing, Jake is proud to say he is self-made. Showing intelligence at a young age, he quickly rose through the ranks of the gang he called family, and eventually showed his true colors as a born leader. Though he can be quite social, he enjoys solitude as well. He would just as likely lead his bastard brethren into a fight to protect his gang’s turf juts as much as he would go it alone on a specific contract. Recognizing his own intelligence, he left the gang in good spirits to pursue a different kind of profession. He is a strong willed individual, whom sets an example for most.

Personality : Jake’s personality is one of achieving despite hardship, of using all of what you’ve got to overcome. He is often stubborn when angry. He loves to read and frequents the library and any market that sells writings of any kind. He collects books and writings when he can, especially rare volumes, and will willingly trade volumes for other books rather than sell them, but he can be talked into a bargain sometimes. Though he rarely does this he will sometimes lend books to his close friends and “family”. He also enjoys writing and transcription and often finds it enjoyable to translate books in different languages in his spare time. He enjoys flying solo in terms of relationships, but just because he enjoys the personal sanity of being off the menu doesn't mean he can't have a good time. He celebrates female company and the female spirit and would rather be in the company of women than men if he had the choice, though above all likes spending time with his brethren.

Merits : Has a strong sense of community, brotherhood, and trust to those he grew up with. He has an incredible heart and likes taking care of the unfortunate. He is strong willed, and will do anything to protect his brethren.

Flaws : He is often hard headed and reckless when angered.

Profession : What Jake does for his profession is quite unclear. He draws upon social engineering, information brokerage, and the art of being a whisperer. He knows where to propagate lies or truth and how best to quiet or listen to the whispers of the city. He deals in whisper and rumor, and his clients are rarely disappointed. He tends to keep his work secret from all, and his clients anonymous. His methods are rarely questioned.

Skills List :
15 Intelligence
10 Unarmed Combat
10 Assassin’s Dagger
10 Stealth
5 Subterfuge
15 Freerunning (SP)

Posessions :
Starting package...
1 Linen Shirt
1 pair Black Linen Pants
1 pair Undergarments
1 pair Socks
1 pair Boots
1 Cloak
1 Comb
1 Brush
1 Razor
1 Soap
10 lbs Potatoes
1 Eating Knife
1 Flint & Steel

1 pair Assassin’s Beads
1 pair Bladed Boots
1 Assassin’s Dagger

Heirloom : His mother Autumn handed down one of her most precious possessions to him; a tome written about the stars and constellations and their meaning to the various cultures of Mizahar. It is startlingly accurate and informative, both scientifically and culturally. He keeps it, like most of his valuable books, under a removable plank beneath his bed in his apartment in Riverside. It is easily one of his favorite books to revisit and read. He will never trade or sell it for any reason.

Starting Package | +100 Mizas

=100 gm

1 pair Assassin’s Beads | -10 gm
1 Assassin’s Dagger | -4 gm
1 pair Bladed Boots | -20 gm

=66 gm
Jake Haddington
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