Closed Kreig Messer Must Die

A missed fight last year has unforeseen consequences....

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Kreig Messer Must Die

Postby Regime on August 17th, 2019, 5:03 pm

The 35th Day of Summer.

Little moments of happiness often meant the most to people who lost sight of where they were going in life. They were those precious moments where a person could simply exist without thinking of their past or their future, just the beauty of the self in the now.

That was the type of moment one man was having as he man sat alone at one of the rooftop seating area of Hanhi's Herbologie.

His greatest worry only being to drink the cup of tea in his hand fast enough before it dulled to a lukewarm temperature.

His name was Eckhart Fera and there was nothing notable about him as he sat at a table overlooking the side of the building.

Eckhart wanted his entire being to only be summed up in few simple facts.

The first one being that he was neither beautiful or ugly. He was an average human man of middling age with sun beaten skin draped in an onyx black cloak. His dark shaggy hair was starting to go prematurely grey in places as it hung down just passed the base of his skull, and when he stood his head only reached a solid five feet in height.

Those were all the things that Eckhart allowed himself to be within the moment.

And as he lifted a wooded cup filled with tea to his lips, his hazel eyes shifted to the streets below at the sounds of people approaching the Herbologie's entrance. "Finally." Eckhart whispered to himself while waiting for them to arrive. It did not take long before a woman flanked by two men ventured up the stairs leading to the rooftop in search for him.

The woman called out to him causing him to pause mid sip with the wooden cup to his lips.

“Hey Eck … you been alright? I know things have been pretty... distant between us after what happened." She said while taking a sea to his left at the table. Her name was Sasha Fera, Eckharts fiery his younger sister by blood who held the rank of Big Sibling within the Daggerhand proudly; even wearing the tattoo of the gang on the left side of her neck. He thought about how she always did enjoy keeping that side of her head shaved short to never hide it behind dark locks.

"Ey, yeah. What made you want to call a family meeting now all of a sudden?" One of the men said who had a long scar running down his left cheek. It was clear that he was the smallest of the lot, standing just below five feet in height, but had the baldest head which was why they all just called him Baldy on the best of days. The nickname also seemed to be why he also decided to wear the Daggerhand symbol on his left temple just above the ear.

The last brother to sit at the table was the youngest of the gathered Fera kin, but he was clearly the tallest standing somewhere just over six feet two in height, with a frame built only through endless hard labor.

All the well muscled Fera did upon sitting down was just nod to Eckhart.

He seemed to be the only one that the tea drinking Fera acknowledged upon sitting down. "Hows the neck, Fish." The bulky Fish Fera nodded in response again, his voice taken some time ago by a well placed dagger across the throat that left a deep scar across on the his neck. He clearly lived, but his attacker certainly did not fair so well. He had a Daggerhand tattoo on his arm, but got another one set just nest to the apple of his neck by the scar.

Eckhart took one long sip of his tea before setting it down onto the table to start the meeting.

“You guys hear, Tycho said Kreig Messer been fighting at Johnny’s again?” The words seemed to have caused all of his siblings to focus their attention onto him. "I've had a lot of time to think about it, but what happened was inevitable. That BET was just the last log on the fire of an already burning building."

Sasha shook her head in slight disbelief. "You have to let this go. They aren't worth being avenged." Fish hit Sasha on the shoulder with the back of his knuckle, slamming it heavily against the stiffened leather of her armor. "Do that again Fish and I'll use that hand to reopen that throat hole the Doctor sealed shut."

Eckhart closed his eyes at the remark, clearly disappointed in her for many reasons. "You know the one rule we had and He is the reason it was broken. I'll drop this once Messer is dead. Afterwards, then we can move on and leave this in the past. If we can't show loyalty to old family, we can't ever have a new one." He said pointing at the Daggerhand tattoo on his sisters neck. The gesture seemed to unite the Daggerhands of the Fera family to a singular cause.

And they sat there planning their next move.

The 58th Day of Summer

The day would start with a rather loud knock on the door of Kreig's room at Johnny's.

It was a deep thud used in attempt to wake the dead, followed by a voice Kreig would know very well. "Wake the petch up, we gots'ta talk!" It was clearly the voice of one Tycho Grimfist and he sounded like he was in quite the hurry. The fighter's heavy fist lifting to knock against the door several more times just as hard. "Know yer in there, Olav out training said I'd find ya here!"
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Kreig Messer Must Die

Postby Kreig Messer on August 17th, 2019, 5:20 pm

Now then, this was an unusual situation for Kreig as he was awaked from his well-deserved sleep by the rather loud knocking on his chamber door. A knocking that was not a gentle rapping on said chamber door, who could it be outside his room causing that infernal knocking on said door? Well from voice alone Kreig could recognize it as one Tycho Grimfist…. Yahal, Yshul and Dira did that lad knock like a bull in a glass shop.

And he couldn’t even pretend he wasn’t here because Olav the old geezer had the ill decency to rat him out. Still, if Olav let him through Kreig assumed the old bull wasn’t worried about Grimfist doing something. Plus the man said it was urgent, Kreig let out an annoyed breath as he sat up from his bed after kicking aside the covers.

“In the name of all the Gods I hear ya, now would ya stop wakin’ the whole of the buildin’ with ya?” Kreig snapped back in irritation as he slipped his feet in his boots and tossed on one of his shirts. Approaching the door he removed the latch keeping it in place and opened it wide to take a look at the member of the Daggerhands and former opponent of Kreig Messer.

“Petchin’ shyke, Tycho. What in Sunberth’s smelly arse is gettin’ ya so uptight?”
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