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This shining population center is considered the jewel of The Sylira Region. Home of the vast majority of Mizahar's population, Syliras is nestled in a quiet, sprawling valley on the shores of the Suvan Sea. [Lore]

[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Jade Laken on November 26th, 2015, 2:16 am

Day 70 of Fall, 515

Jade looked around her as her stomach growled loudly. She needed to find a city soon since she was not much of a hunter. Her family had pushed her out the door before she could get enough provisions to make the journey without running out of food. 'Come on big boy not much longer' Jade signed as she stood beside him looking at the map trying to figure out where she is. Blaze looked to his small rider as she looked at the strange paper that had strange markings. Jade looked and saw something in the distance, "Come on!" Jade said and mounted up seeing what appears to be a wall in the distance. She clicked her tongue making Blaze race off in the direction she had pointed him.

Jade looked at the wall in amazement as she has her hair pulled back in a ponytail and some dirt on her face. Blaze snorted seeing the two guards outside of the gate; Jade looked forward and dismounted when the guards approached her, "hello." Jade said using some of the common she knows. "What is your business here young Drykas?" One of the guards asked watching the young girl. "I am here for residency," Jade said gently looking up at the two guards. "I see. Step inside and see the medicine man to make sure you are well enough to go in," One of the guards said as the gates opened and one of the guards stepped in with her. Jade got checked over as did Blaze to make sure the two was in good health. "Except being a little underweight the two are healthy and fine to enter the city," the man said and walked back into the little building. "Can you tell me where I need to go for housing and work?" Jade asked gently. The guard pointed her in the direction she needed to go. "Thank you," Jade said and took Blaze's Yvas before walking to the building.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Tayoy Isa on December 18th, 2015, 2:00 am

Day 17 of Winter, 515

Waddling towards the gate, the peculiar Isa presented himself before the imposing guards who were inspecting identification, and any other important document, before letting the fluffy-haired weirdo gain further entry into the city of Syliras. Then the screening process began with the questions as to why he was here and what it was he was planning to do once he entered the city; the answers were simply to learn more about the world and eat tasty sweets. The guards looked at this seemingly childlike specimen of a person, sneaking a side glance at each other, and then back at the strange person yet again. This was when they took a really good look at the overly enthusiastic Isa for what they perceived of him: a lost kid wandering around without parental supervision.

"Uh...", a guard began, "where are your parents, young man?"

That was when the whimsical youth began pouring out the details of his many adventures; from when he left home back at Avanthal, to the many adorable and wondrous critters of various shapes and sizes that he saw during his long ride in the caravan, to how was chasing the various little song birds before he managed to arrive at the gate. The guards were dumbfounded as to what sort of lapse in logic would cause parents to let a child travel all by himself to a relatively foreign place; that was until one of the guards made a further inquiry.

"How old are you, son", the second guard inquired, to which the woolly-haired oddball clad in his strange robes quickly responded that he was 18 years old and the exact date and apparent time of his birth. With nothing much else to go on except the words of a young half-Vantha loon, they cleared the way for him to scurry in, only to hear a light thump after the little guy streaked passed. As a journey towards understanding takes only one step to start, Isa's journey began with him taking a nap on the ground inside of the gates of Syliras.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Naveena Clematis on December 20th, 2015, 6:30 am

With the city gates of Syliras looming over her, Naveena experienced a wave of excitement, anxiety, and fear sweep over her. She had never seen the city of Syliras, never seen the splendor of the gates before her. In fact before several months ago, she had never seen anything outside the caverns of Kalinor. The smells of the city brushed against her senses, not as unpleasant as she imagined. She could smell the unwashed bodies and exotic fragrance of the marketplace, enticing even as her nose crinkled in displeasure at some of the scents.

The guards looked over her thoroughly, from the padded light armor over simple clothes to the purple sash that covered her silver hair. One guard with salted hair and a weathered gaze in his eye, squinted at her hair cover and black nails. He opened his mouth, about to alert his companion, when Naveena raised her head and looked at the guard. The man stopped and gazed at the desperation in her young face. She was Symenestran, distrusted by most other races, but she was scared and vulnerable in this new city. The guard straightened and nodded her inside, where her silver hair and violet eyes would surely gain her allies and enemies alike.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Renna on January 22nd, 2016, 9:19 pm


Day 20 of Winter, 515 AV

"How could someone possibly want to wait this long just to get into a city?"

The question was rhetorical, as no one was expected answer back; who would? It was just an Ethaefal, her horse, and a bunch of people of all species being herded into the guarded gates of the city. Just seeing the looming shadows of the gates was enough to become anxious. Coming closer and seeing the amount of people entering was excited. And then the overall experience of getting in?

Boring. Underwhelming. Frustrating.

Renna's initial thought of going into an actual city was exciting; sure she's seen some small homes placed carefully in the Wildlands. Sure she'd gone inside and poked around. However these were only small shacks housing men of the woods; hunters and such. Not much was really going on. Mostly they just smelled bad.

She was expecting so much more that 'the grand city of Syliras.' Not some waiting line. Being crammed in line next to so many people and animals was irritating at the least. Being ushered in and stared at harshly by some over-rated knights was infuriating.

Renna supposed she would deserve it if a knight pulled her aside and was suspicious; she was never really the kindest, or a saint. Honestly, though. Being pulled out of line would just make the day even worse.

After being pulled out her thought by her stead, Docorius, Renna shuffled ahead, relieved to finally walk through the gates of the city of Syliras.

She was going to have so much fun.


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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Firenze on January 29th, 2016, 4:10 am


It was dark, a scratchy cloth covered the top of the small wagon, a smelly rag stuffed in her mouth was all she could smell. They’d stopped on the road just before the gates.

“Get out bitch,” Vinicus grabbed her rough around her bicep, his fingers winding all the way around, digging into the flesh. Her head whipped to the side, smacking onto the hard wooden side as he dragged her out onto the ground. Stumbling she tried to get her footing instead of getting dumped headfirst into the dirt.

Something sharp moved against the soft skin on the underside of her chin. Trying to move it up to keep from getting sliced open Fire shifted squinted eyes toward the dirty snarling face that was breathing hot air on her cheek.

“I’m going to untie you, we’re going to walk through those gates like we’re a happy little family and if you do anything, and I mean anything, to alert the guards so help me if I won’t go for you first and slit you from navel to neck.” The menacing words were spit out at her, spittle flying and landing in her eye. She wanted to move her face even an inch away from his but she didn’t dare with the knife against her throat.

He did remove the bindings on her arms, but left the collar around her neck. Vinicus grabbed her cloak and tied it tight around her neck using the cording and hood to cover the collar. His fingers wrapped around her wrist tightly and held her next to his side as they walked their way through the gates of the city. Keeping her head down she tried to look at the knights standing guard near the entrance, their armor gleaming with Syna’s light. She’d never seen anything like them before, they seemed so regal standing with their weapons.

The knife that was hidden under Vinicus’s cloak poked her in the side through the layers of cloth, she glanced in his direction, his frown speaking volumes. I will kill you. As they approached closer, the knife making it’s way back to it’s sheath, the guards stopped the caravan.

“What is your business?” One of the guards questioned formally.

“We live here, just making our way back home after a long trip from Zeltiva, my daughter,” He patted her hard on the shoulder with the hand that had been wrapped around her wrist, “is coming to live with me while she visits, isn’t she a beauty?” Vinicus played up the proud father with a false smile on his face, glancing from one guard to the other. Fire looked up and eyes shifting toward Vinicus. With a sickening grin he nodded at her to greet them and then looked back to the men. She turned her eyes toward them and gave a meek smile, “Hi, I’m just staying here…” eyes flicked from Vinicus and back, “with… my father.” She cast her eyes back to the ground wanting to just be done with it so she could start planning on a way to make her escape.

They’d gotten the nod and the authorization to pass and a heavy sigh escaped her lips. Unaware that she’d been holding her breath.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Nakira on February 5th, 2016, 12:38 am

29th Day Of Winter, 515AV-

Dust churned beneath Nakira as she walked closer and closer to the large city of Syliras. The journey seemed more like a distant thought at this time, as if it were a fuzzy memory. She stared in awe at the large walls, wondering how they built something so large. She watched a group of what appeared to be merchants walk through the large gates after being confronted by a rather stern looking guard. She was still at a safe enough distance to gain her composure and tryout several different things she could say to him and his partner in her head, slightly mouthing them a bit to see how they would feel as they slid from her tongue.
A large pit filled her stomach as she drew closer and closer to the two guards. "What if they don't allow me to enter the city? Or what if they don't like what I say and punish me?"These thoughts echoed throughout the young Konti's head, repeating themselves over and over again."What if they kill me?" The thought of them killing her caused her to go wide eyed. A looming fear took ahold of her, wrapping itself around her in its cold embrace.
Such thoughts were pushed aside as the two guards approached her. "Your business?"One of the two guards asked sternly. The Konti stared at him for a moment, almost as if she were confused before speaking. "Residency?" The girl answered nervously as the thought of them brutally murdering her made its way back into her thoughts. The guard looked over at his companion who gave a short nod before turning back to Nakira. "Go ahead through the gates then, but don't cause any trouble." He ordered sternly as he motioned her towards the gate.
Relief washed over Nakira as she stepped through the gates, studying the area that surrounded her. "At least they didn't kill me." She tightens her cloak around her small frame and continues to walk deeper into Syliras, knowing her life would be completely different from this moment on.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Belinda on February 7th, 2016, 8:05 pm

45th day, winter, 515 av
Man Gates at Syliras

The raven haired woman looked up at the citidal in the distance. It loomed and seem to watch everything you do. It rankled her a little to think that the knight sat up there are warm and cozy when the people of Mithryn Outpost were in a poor state. The snow had been banked high over to the side as she stood in line with her pack.

The knight looked her up and down and then offered a smile. The woman was healthy as she smiled back with a coy little expression that melted most men.

"Your uhh business in Syliras?" The man obviously lowered the pitch of his voice.

"To Dance. Where do you suggest i provide such entertainment ?" The woman asked as those steel grey eyes looked at him in a most direct fashion. She edged close giving the impression of seeking warmth along the steel of the knight's breast plate. He couldnt speak for a moment or two.

"Uh the Rearing stallion or the uhh The Herald's Arm." The look on his face gave the impression of hope, luck. The raven haired beauty chuckled a moment as a slender finger traced a line on his face every so slowly. "Well the Rearing Stallion it is then, see you there." The other knights kind of gawked until a elder sargeant barked at them. Yelling something like they hadnt seen a girl before. The woman boldly walked in her stride creating a figure eight with her hips that men would stop and tilt there head to watch the movement of those hips.

She could make a little coin, maybe send help to those not doing so well in the Outpost. She wrapped her cloak around her and headed to Traveler's row after obtaining directions.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Saul Sticks on February 11th, 2016, 5:11 pm

A New Start

43rd of Autumn, 515 AV

Saul approached the gates of Syliras with Brat in tow. They had made a long journey from Zeltiva, because there had been promise of better work. He was not so naïve to think better work would be found for any laborer than could be found anywhere else, but the recent events at the University and within the Bay made him uncomfortable. He was happy to take Brat away from a place where one bad mistake from an overzealous student could leave a city block in rubble.

So he had followed the rumors of better work in Syliras and had arrived here. The gates were narrow which Saul thought odd for such a magnificent city. Still, smaller gates would be easier to defend. As he stepped up to the gates carrying a wooden chest with most of his and Brat’s belongings, one of the knights standing on either side of the door stepped forward to meet him. Saul had met this man’s kind before. Several Syliran Knights had traveled through the docks in Zeltiva, stopping to inquire at the University for information needed in their many quests. This man seemed no different from the others. He was proud, as they ought to be, and lacked a certain sense of humility.

“What’s your name, sir?” The knight looked him over quickly, not seeing anything he found untrustworthy.

Saul set the chest down. “Saul Sticks.”

The knight’s watchful eyes shifted to Brat. “And who are you, young lady?”


“Pardon me?”

“Brat.” Brat bobbed a mock curtsey as she had no dress, only pants. “Brat Sticks.”

The knight just raised his eyebrows and shrugged, returning his attention to Saul. “What brings you and your daughter to Syliras, Saul?”

“Niece,” Saul corrected. “I’ve come for the prospect of better work.”

“And the girl’s father?”

“He put her under my care when he realized having a child costs money.”

The other knight stepped forward and gestured to the chest. “May I search the contents of the chest, sir?”

Saul knew it wasn’t so much of a question. It was a formality, one meant to make the requirement more pleasant. Knowing the only answer was yes, Saul nodded and opened the chest for her.

“What’s your real name?” the first knight asked, his attention returning to Brat.

“Brat’s my real name.” A defensive tone had entered her voice. She didn’t like people making fun of her name.

“That’s not a real name.”

Brat glared at the knight. “Is so. Bet it’s a whole lot better than yours. Probably something stupid like Phillip.”

“It just so happens to be Paul, and it’s a wonderful name.” It was the knight’s turn to become defensive now. “It was given to me by my parents who thought long and hard about it.”

“And mine was given to me by my uncle. He didn’t have to think about it. Honestly, some people are brainless. How hard is it to name someone?”

Saul put a hand on Brat’s shoulder and squeezed, letting her know she should stop. “She didn’t mean anything by that.”

The other knight finished inspecting the meager contents of the chest and closed the lid. “You’re good to go, sir.”

Asking a few questions to get himself oriented with the city and places to stay, Saul thanked the knights and moved through the gates into the city. Brat was fidgeting irritably, and once they were out of earshot of the knights, she let Saul know what she was thinking.

“Why’d you stop me?” She was incensed. “That petching jerk was making fun of my name.”

“Hey, don’t use that word.” Saul chastised her. There were few things he scolded her for, but this was one of them. “You’ve got more class than that. Any uneducated fool can throw that word around without a second thought.”

Brat rolled her eyes in annoyance at him. “I ain’t got an education, Uncle Saul.”

“Yeah, but you still have more class, and you’re no fool.”

“Fine.” Brat flexed her hands in exasperation; she wanted to hit something. She didn’t like lectures unless she was the one giving them, but she corrected her earlier statement. “That shithead was making fun of my name.”

Saul smiled and nodded. “That’s better. And yes, he was, but you set him straight. Just don’t go making us any enemies before we have a chance to get settled in.”
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Kara Moonflame on February 25th, 2016, 3:59 am

86th of Winter, 515 AV

Kara walked up the road to the main gates of Syliras, following the wagon carrying a family of 4 in front of her. The city gates were busy today, as shown by the hustle and bustle of people coming to and going from the capital. When she finally approached the Knights in front of the gates, she stopped and nodded to the Knight who stepped in front of her.
"Kara Moonflame."
"Visiting family and hoping to make a living." Kara smiled at her response, knowing she had said the same thing as hundreds of other people coming to Syliras. The Knight nodded and stepped aside, gesturing her past as he moved on to the person behind her. Walking forward, she glimpsed the city past the second pair of gates and smiled broadly. She ducked into the shadows of a nearby alley and made sure no one was looking, stowing her belongings inside an old crate and morphing into her animal form: a tabby cat. Then, meowing loudly, she ran out of the alley and down the street, weaving in and out of traffic as she followed the route to her new home. I've got a good feeling about this, Kara thought, and she purred and went on her way.
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[Syliras Entrance] The Main Gates

Postby Imass on March 3rd, 2016, 11:19 pm


Spring 61, 516 AV Mid-Morning

After settling up with the caravan he had hitched a ride with from Nyka, Imass approached the city gates. Taking a deep breath, the Knight quaked at the sight of the Fortress City of Peace. For many years he spent in a black hole, in the vast Dungeons of Sahova, but finally -through his undying Faith in Yahal- he was back home.

A single tear of joy ran down his cheek, but he stuffed away his emotions for now.

Walking up to the gate, Imass dropped on his knees, "Hail Syliras!" he exclaimed and kissed the stone floor. The gate guards approached the ragged, grim looking Akalak, questioning his antics. Imass jumped to his feet with wide, yellow eyes, "Good Sers! I am Ser Imass, I fought in the Sahova Campaign only to be captured by the gods forsaken Nuits and cast deep into their dungeons for three years! I have escaped and have fought tooth and nail to return! Huaaaahhhhhhh! I haven't eaten a proper meal in THREE YEARS! THREE YEARS! I want food and drink! And Captain Stalinsa! I want to talk to Captain Stalinsa! Where are my superiors!" Imass began to shake the gate guards shoulders, completely caught up in the great excitement of returning home, "What happened after the battle!? Where's my squire Ball!? I seek answers!"

"Good Ser! Good Ser!" The gate guard said with a smile on his face, "Welcome home, good ser, but you need to RELAX!" and with that he pushed Imass' arms off him, "We have sent word into the city of your return. Just wait here a moment and we will see what they are trying to do with you. I suspect they will get you cleaned and fed before having a conference with the higher ups,"

"Verily, good guard, I do not remember your face, but I thank thee,"
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