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A lawless town of anarchists, built on the ruins of an ancient mining city. [Lore]

The Flesh House Fellowship [Bronwen]

Postby Alric Lysane on November 3rd, 2021, 5:30 pm

16th Fall 521 AV - Brega's House of Happy Endings

With the coming of Fall came the shifts in the currents of behaviour that Alric relied upon for his wealth and survival. It was all well and good having the long days of summer to prowl the streets and find the odd pocket or two but even with Morwen withholding her grasps the past few years habits died hard. People were heading inside once more, and earlier, which spelled misery for petty thieves such as he unless they too adapted their habits.

It was with this as a guiding spirit that he now made his way towards the House of Happy Endings. It was, of course, merely a happy coincidence that heading into establishments to ply his trade also allowed him to see sights that he did not often get to see and -if lucky enough – might get to experience himself. He smiled to himself as he entered the Reaches.

Brega’s House was less a building and more a secret interior thrice as large inside as it appeared on the outside. It’s aura of influence however extended across several streets. Truly he had entered it before he even got close to the threshold. As was his custom he took up a position opposite the building and took some time to take in its…splendour. There was music from within, muted but still audible and he listened as he watched the entrance. It wasn’t as busy as usual though the groups outside of the doors seemed a bit more rowdy than usual which made up for that somewhat.

Ah the beautiful and seedy heart of the city he chuckled to himself, eyeing up the couple of women who were doing their duty in enticing all comers with little more than a flash of flesh and sparkled eyes.

It was a wonder to watch and he had respect for trades well plied. No doubt if he ever tried his hand at seduction he’d be as enticing as a pig in mud. The way the lasses had put themselves together, the cosmetics and body language, it was a very lovely display of manipulation. Poor lads never knew what was hitting them and ended up happier but much lighter of coin by the evening’s end.

“One reason I try not to fall for the services, I’d not had much to eat after their feast for some time. Well…better get on with it”

He started to approach the entrance, pulling his hood down and keeping his hands visible so as not to antagonise the bouncers. He had no desire to get in trouble before he was even able to get into the building. Besides which, often good behaviour could ingratiate enough to allow some small…indiscretions to be overlooked. So long as you weren’t taking from staff members of course.
There were two today, one man and a woman. The woman was noteworthy in the fact that she dwarfed most people around her. At a distance he couldn’t make up her features but that was enough to make her interesting.

Surrounded by a group of rowdy revellers he couldn’t hear what she was saying though she looked to be in conversation with one of the leaders of said group. He patiently hung back to wait his turn.
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