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Winter is Coming

Postby Alric Lysane on November 5th, 2021, 9:35 am

89th Fall 521 AV - No Man's Land Tavern

It had been a long season, one way or another, so it seemed appropriate to end it how he had started it – unaffiliated in so far as he knew and in the spirit of relaxation. He had met many new people during the Fall, in both Sunberth and the Outpost, with much left to think upon. It had been strange. Since he had spent that day outside the shattered stronghold of the Dalagnar’s things had changed quite rapidly. He didn’t think it was his work as he hadn’t had any real revelations that day. Whatever it was had worked upon him though and he was a different person that before.

Well, partly at least. Some things never change he noted to himself, legs crossed at the ankles and propped up on a stool by the hearth and pipe smoke filling the air around him.

Certainly he had done new, and at times careless, things and had proven to himself that he was perhaps slightly more than a cutpurse. Whilst still being a cutpurse of course. Yet there was a sense of achievement that warmed him within that had not been there last year. He had yet to discover the mystery of his signet ring, likely because it was a cheap bit of tat created from molten scrap, but all in all he was…content. If not happy.

He looked about the tavern, it was reasonably busy and filled with tentative laughter. You could tell it was tentative because of how many people looked around afterwards as if waiting for a fight. That wasn’t unusual at the No Man’s Land, gang members of all stripes, petty and large, came and shared space. Few had died or fought but the street perspectives never truly vanished. Especially when it was likely some had been sent to spy and pry at snippets of overheard conversations.

“More ale Alric?” he was asked, looking up at the owner, though you never knew the first time you saw her.

“Did I ever tell you me name?” he asked.

“Must’ve done, otherwise how’d I know?” she smiled sweetly.

“Yes…I suppose I must’ve. More ale then Lana,” he pushed his cup forward slightly, “how goes the evening? No fights?”

“None the repeat. It goes well enough. Could ask for more custom but can’t complain”

“Yes, well you could always take a few purses”

“Not in my place, you know well enough”

“Never tempted?”

“Easier ways of earning” she finished, sweeping away to another likely more important table.

That about summed up his life he thought, slightly amused at the idea for now. He was sure he’d be annoyed at it eventually. Some things had lost their sparkle for him. He was growing tired of cutting purses and getting hit for it. He longed for something more rewarding but knew it was far more dangerous. He had put such things off so far but perhaps it was time to reconsider. He sipped his watered-down ale and leant into the heat of the hearth, lost in thought.

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