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Postby Alric Lysane on November 12th, 2021, 8:49 pm

60th Fall 521 AV - The Drunken Fish

Alric found himself desiring some company this evening, he had spent much of the season alone – odd meetings aside despite their significance. Adding in the fact that he had been ill for about ten days and the fact that he spent so many days alone hunting the Craven for Madeira he had not spent that much time amongst anyone else and it called to him. He was as much a loner as any cautious and living Sunberthian street rat but even he had needs, despite him being one of the more stubborn and dogged ones. As such he had found himself a shaded corner of the Drunken Fish to sit in, back to the wall and pipe in hand.

He quite liked the Drunken Fish, it was often filled with transient sailor type who were in the mood for a good time. Whether that good time meant gambling, fighting, drinking or a combination of all of the above depended upon the day in question and how successful their voyages had been. There was something abut being as far east as they could get that seemed appropriate for beginnings. And beginning were always the best time to celebrate – you didn’t get to if it went wrong later.

He smiled to himself, nodding and tapping his fingers upon the table to the music from a ragtag little trio that were making it up as they went as far as he could tell. Some kind of stringed instrument vied for dominance alongside a wooden flute and some form of hand rattle set. It was of course a jig that they were playing and drunken patrons took it in turns to dance and fall over in good measure. It almost let him believe that he wasn’t in Sunberth anymore, that he was somewhere far away like Tazrae’s Syka or Ari’s Lhavit. It was a warmer idea than it had been in seasons past.

Likely never to happen though, can’t even walk out my own door without getting into trouble. Probably fall over the side if I ever got on a ship he snorted at himself, puffing away happily.

He had been watching the crowd shift and change for a good Bell or so, getting slowly merrier. He had seen a few richer people come and go. He could tell they were richer as their clothing was better quality and more colourful. He wondered if they were captains but had not had the opportunity to ask. Besides which he had switched his brain of this night, as much as was possible. It was a rest day and he meant to take advantage of it fully. Curiosities could abide for a day.

“Another ale”


“You’ve been sat here a while, not done nothing. Quiet one”

“Oh? You’d prefer I fell over on you like that one a while back?”

“Could do worse” the serving lass said, looking away after.

“You could do better pretty lass”

“Your loss”

“Of that I am certain”

She left him then and he sipped his ale slowly, watching her for a time until she noticed him and blushed before attempting to ignore him completely. He liked that, she was bold but also shy. She was trying to get rid of her shyness, probably at the advice of the tavern owner for better tips. He wondered if her offer were genuine and decided to ask her later. For now though he reclined and rested his legs on the seat opposite him at the table.

He continued to watch the crowd as it became ever more raucous.

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