The Little Things [Zach]

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The Little Things [Zach]

Postby Alric Lysane on January 5th, 2022, 5:36 pm

35th Winter 521 AV – Open Sky Bazaar

Alric felt a little guilty, despite the fact that he had been told not to be. It was difficult though and it didn’t come naturally to him to simply accept the help or generosity of another, no matter how close they were. Years of trudging the dingy streets had taught him that he had better pay his debts of those debts would sooner or later come calling. Miza, favours, fair trade…it didn’t matter, they always came to roost in the end. Even if the other party said otherwise. He trusted Tazrae, Eyris bless him with wisdom he trusted her more than he trusted himself, but he did not want her to feel as if he were not making a contribution.

He suspected that such things were frowned upon back where she came from, a land where seemingly the ragtag group were carving a destiny that had no room for those who weren’t willing to put in their fair share. That was what had brought him to the Outpost’s Open Sky Bazaar, the desire to feel as if he were contributing. Strange as it seemed, given he had a long history of just taking things, he had always kept his more underhanded work to those who he thought deserved it. He wasn’t a hanger-on by nature. No, despite the old saying there was some honour among thieves…just a tiny smidgeon.

He wasn’t sure what he was looking for, most of the basics had already been covered by his sporadic roommate, but he felt sure there was something that might add a certain touch or tow, or convenience, to the abode. He knew it wasn’t permanent, she had said as much also, but he’d rather be comfortable than uncomfortable and feel as if he were at home rather than not. Hard times told him to enjoy such things whilst you could, even if it were an illusion of sorts. The mind was a powerful thing, you could trick it into anything.

“I suppose it’d be asking too much for the right things to just drop out of the sky and come to me?” he muttered to himself with a small grin.

Still, it was an enjoyable affair, browsing the market with no real destination or desire in mind. It was surprising how much not living on the edge of starvation changed one’s perspectives. Not so obsessed with filling his stomach these days he was more occupied with the little things, the small comforts and foibles that made life richer in its textured fabric. There was a growing sense of something coming and he had started to wonder whether it was time to take his Drykas friend up on his offer of divination. Still, such thoughts were at the back of his mind as he perused one stall after the others, drifting this way and that.

In truth everything about his life was becoming quite novel, filling up with things that he was neither familiar with nor had much experience of. Yet he found himself curious and happy about that, the glowing Lormar symbol underneath his gloved hand a constant reminder that experience and pursuing the new and unknown – however it was done – was the only true way towards gathering both knowledge and wisdom. Such thoughts filled him to the brim as he continued to browse and move around the Open Sky Bazaar.

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