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Bracers of Deflection

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These golden bracers will automatically size themselves to fit their wearer perfectly. They are forged from Isurian Steel and imparted upon with Izentor. Aside from being virtually indestructible, the bracers grant the wearer a 10 point bonus to parry any physical or magical strike leveled against them. When a melee or ranged weapon attack is made against the wearer, they will roll 1D100 + their Unarmed Combat Skill + 10 vs the attack for the sake of parrying the strike.

This may also be done against magical attacks that specifically create physical manifestations that target the wearer such as those created by Reimancy.

Once obtained, it cannot be given away or sold; doing so will cause it to lose all powers and abilities.


Bracers of Deflection
heightWeekend Challenge: FearGillar awards the challenge winners.