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Liminal is one of the six founding members of Mizahar, along with Tarot, Gossamer, Cayenne, Colombina, and Gillar. These members form the Founders Circle, which created Mizahar in 2009 and continues to develop it to this day. He'll probably insert some more clever text here later.


Liminal is sort of nomadic, having lived in Colorado, Texas, Alberta, Washington state, Connecticut, Nevada, and Maryland at various points in his life. He actually lived in the town that Gossamer and Gillar live in now for a brief period, but left before they arrived.

He majored in Creative Writing at the University of Houston, and is a published poet, though this has brought him little fame and no fortune. He's also the author of a small book about the history of a rural library where he used to work. He received his M.L.S. from Southern Connecticut State University, and now works at a library in Maryland. He originally started play-by-post roleplaying in 2003 as a way to give himself some writing practice, and has since fallen in love with it.

In his spare time, he plays the piano and guitar, and has cycled through a number of bands of varying degrees of unlistenablilty. He also keeps hedgehogs, who probably have more friends than he does.

His contributions to Mizahar include a whole bunch of conspiracy theories, the epic shaggy-dog story of Kenabelle Wright, the development of the Akvatari, the goddess Qalaya, and the cities of Abura, Denval, Novallas, Sunberth, and Zeltiva, as well as Darva and Rockward Island.

Vital Statistics

Colombina: Liminal, I believe is the figment of an adolescent, literary girl's imagination

Liminal: The product of too much rain, windows, and modernist poetry, filtered through some Hello Kitty curtains

Liminal: Am I dreaming of you, Claire Daines, or are you dreaming of me?

  • Likes: Character development, existential despair, HEDGEHOGS, synthesizers, linguistics, shrews, music from bubblegum pop to experimental sound collage, detailed locations, well-rounded NPCs, solenodons, long and convoluted plots, shaggy dog stories.
  • Dislikes: Pure hack-n-slash, Mary Sues, unabashed Tolkien thieves, Celine Dion, an overabundance of sunshine, lollipops, and/or rainbows.


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