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User:Raien Ironarm Pitrius

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Raien Ironarm Pitrius is a Mizahar player who joined in January of 2014. His real Non-Mizaharian name however, is Brian. He frequents Chat on a sporadic, but still near daily basis. And can generally be found there being either a carefree but still harmless smartalike, or on rare occasions actually doing something useful and giving out advice. Of course, he is completely oblivious to the fact, that said advice is usually either too twisted and or simply too far out there to be of any real use. That being said, this only applies to real life advice, he is generally a somewhat reliable source for Mizaharian information. And would never steer a new player into disaster, no matter what the other fiendish Chatlings might say.


Raien was born in North Carolina, and takes great pride in both his Southern and German heritage. Always seeming to be a smart, albeit a little wild and rambunctious child. His parents were quick to enroll him in a private school of sorts, in which he quickly excelled for the first year or two. Before his grades were drug down by his social life.

Surprisingly, he would allow this one event to start and establish a still-lasting pattern of ups and downs. Of course, currently he is partaking in a particularly long spell of the former, and has foolishly chosen to believe he's kicked all his bad habits, and is now gleefully partaking in multiple roleplay forums and rl clubs. Of course, no one should worry, life will eventually kick him in the sore spot again, whether it be one minute from now, or ten years, it will happen. Though, for now at least, he enjoys his life, dodges the occasional sniper bullet from an ex-girlfreind or two, and does overly stupid things with his friends on Saturday nights.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: 16
  • Sex: Male
  • Accent: Country-Bumpkin
  • Status: Single Again... For now!
  • Nationality: American - Southern/German
  • Location: North Carolina
  • Likes: Consistency, Randomness, Paladins, Football, Horses, Writing, Reading, Driving, Motorcycles, TV, Girls. Country Music, Country Girls, French Toast, Not Dying,
  • Dislikes: Most Nonsensical Rap, People Disliking Things, Age-Limits, Height-Limits, Angry Exes