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Abigale Jennings

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Abigale Jennings

Abigale “Tack” Jennings
Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleCaptain of The Forgotten Promises
Navy Tactics85
Dual Wield Knives59

A young woman of quick wit and a mind sharp enough to rival any blade, Captain Tack was raised on the water. When her mother died at a young age, her father had no choice but to raise Abigale on the open sea with him. For the following fifteen years, she breathed the salty air of the open sea aboard her father's Zeltivan ship, helping where she could and always standing by his side. From him she learned what it took to command a vessel and how to read the charts that guided them. From the crew she picked up all the essentials of seamanship, learned what it took to command their respect, and kept a careful eye on the skilled men of the vessel.

Unfortunately, that changed when Abigale's father passed away. A victim of politics, he was killed to insure his power would no longer grow. Heartbroken, the girl sold off their every possession and made a sum that she could have survived on for the rest of her life. However, having been raised on the ocean and hating how she was looked down upon as a young lass in the city with no worth outside her coin, she turned to the only love she had left. Abigale bought a sloop and set out for adventure on the waves, fulfilling a promise that her father had made to her before he died, swearing that some day when he retired the two of them would take to the Suvan Sea.

Now, refusing to fall into the life her father had and holding a grudge against the Zeltivan Navy, Captain Tack has taken to the only alternative she knows. Piracy seems to down multiple birds with one stone. With an iron will, she has become one of the most respected captains on the sea. Always told that she was too young and that her ship was too small to be a long-lived captain, again and again she proves others wrong through determination alone.

The Forgotten Promises

  • Sloop Class (80 T. Cargo Cargo 2 Light Mounts)

These vessels are actually primarily merchant vessels, though they are so famous for their speed and toughness that they are often used as military vessels. This makes them a prime choice of smugglers and pirates as well as well-established and legitimate merchants. The sloop supports 2 light mounts. Crew: 50, Passengers: 10

  • 1x Ballista (Light Mount)

A huge, heavy crossbow weighing around 400lbs. Mainly useful in damaging sails or enemy crew. When a bolt is lit on fire however, greater damage is possible.

  • 1x Light Bombard (Light Mount)

An iron tube mounted on a ship, it is a relatively short and light piece designed to fire a round stone shot with small charges of powder. Capable of doing quite a bit of damage to a target. Requires 4 people to operate and weighs 500lbs.