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Mizahar is a fantasy roleplay forum in which a dedicated, friendly, and free community of roleplayers and artists gather to spin epic-level tales via collaborative storytelling. Players write their character's adventures as posts in a role playing forum ("play by post").

We call ourselves "the Writer's RPG" as we value character development and deep, intelligent plots. What sets us apart from other roleplay sites is, among other things, our fantasy world. Mizahar is fully original and does not borrow from mainstream Tolkien fantasy. There are no Elves and Dwarves in our stories, but there are over 20 unique races to choose from. Everything from magic to fauna and flora is unique to our setting.

Mizahar is a world rising from the ashes of destruction, rarely safe and never predictable. There is no single storyline, but a number of concurrent and often interwoven plots. Character creation is simple, and you can join with minimal effort. We have a wonderful community that will help you get started in no time.

Please feel free to join our Discord Chat at any time as well. It can give you real time help to assist you in starting in the world with a new player character.

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[Weeklong Challenge] A Memory...What If?

Posted by Gillar on February 7th, 2023, 5:18 am
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A Memory...

We all have a moment in our lives where we have an experience with one of our five senses that ignites a memory. This may be a memory that you haven't thought of in a while or even one that you completely forgot. Think of a smell that reminds you of something from the past or a sight that reminds you of someone or a taste or anything like that...

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Merry Christmas From Mizahar!

Posted by Gossamer on December 25th, 2022, 5:08 pm
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Gillar's Experimental Birthday Challenge

Posted by Gillar on October 8th, 2022, 6:05 am
13 Replies


Howdy Everyone!

So, going with the tradition of having Founder Birthday Challenges, I am happy to introduce my own challenge. My birthday is October 8th and I want to first offer some context for this challenge. When I was a child, I had my fair share of great birthday celebrations. With each of those, I had the pleasure of of having friends and family all gathering for a birthday. We would have a great dinner, sitting in the living room chit-chatting followed by some time spent around the "burn pile" telling stories and such while tree limbs and various other things burned. There were some amazing memories...

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Gossamer's Birthday Challenge! (9/16 - 9/23)

Posted by Gossamer on September 15th, 2022, 11:45 pm
6 Replies

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