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Adrienna Lynint

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Adrienna Lynint

crocodile tears were never so sweet
Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthKenash
Animal Husbandry30
Gnosis marks

Adrienna Lynint is the child of one of Kenash's many Dynasties and a practitioner of Animal Husbandry. She owns Silverbite's Prowlers, a Lynint-funded business that deals in the sale of reptiles, amphibians, and their food.


Physical description

To the casual observer, Adrienna is one of the stranger sights to be found in Kenash where strange sights are likely to be witnessed. She is a heavily tattooed individual with several piercings in what must be painful locations. Her tattoos usually depict animals; there are bird wings on her chest, feathers along the line of her spine, butterflies on her left wrist, and a curled crocodile on her right shoulderblade, to list a few. The tattoos are only in black ink and are basic outlines.

If one were to remove the tattoos and piercings, however, they would find a rather demure young woman with pale skin, dark hair, and grey eyes that are ever watchful and observant. She isn't the most beautiful of women, not by a long shot, and doesn't draw eyes with the feminine curve of her hips, but manages to have a sort of quiet beauty around her that is crushed under the outrageous appearance her tattoos and piercings lend her. Her hairstyle? That's just another thing that helps her fend away people looking for a "normal" person to talk to. The right side of her head is shaved down almost entirely but for a thick lock in line with her eyes. She wears her hair to display this extra show of individuality unless she feels particularly adventurous, in which case she covers it with the long strands of hair at her crown and left side and adds considerable volume.

Dressing in feminine style, she likes to wear black and dark shades of jewel-toned colours. She doesn't actively look to accentuate aspects of her appearance, preferring instead to just be herself. Her lack of presenting a welcoming visual aesthetic robs her of the presence of friends in her daily life. She makes do with having one of her beloved pets nearby.

Character Concept

Really quite independent, Adrienna isn't one to make a scene (at least, not with her looks) or to make herself stand out. She is content with herself and her position in her family and would rather just sit on the sidelines and watch her dear relatives bicker amongst themselves and war in their strange ways with the other Dynasties. Even lacking the disposition to take a leadership role in her own life, she is quite observant and sly in her own way. She watches, like a crocodile, and waits for opportunities for something she doesn't yet know.

Neither cruel nor loving, Adrienna prefers the company of reptiles to the company of a person. She likes snakes, and crocodiles, and lizards, and birds, and just generally any sort of wildlife her family decides to make use of and some that they don't. She tends to not keep mammals close, though, preferring instead the cold-blooded denizens of the swamp that prey upon the warm-blooded ones. She doesn't attend parties or social gatherings unless Kaljia expressly demands her to do so, and even then she is reluctant to participate and sully her hands with the company of others, especially those outside of her family.

She isn't particularly fond of the members of the other Dynasties, after all, and slaves? Adrienna prefers to pretend slaves don't exist unless she requires somebody to do something distasteful. Her dealings with members of rival Dynasties tend to fray at her patience. She can't stand them, for it was almost literally bred into her, and sells to them with reluctance and a warning that if they mistreat her darling scalies, they'll regret it. The threats would be amusing if she wouldn't deliver them in such a dire voice, as though she intended to find a way to follow through with it.

Otherwise, her dealings with her family are fraught with such things as politeness, and forced respect, and quiet disdain for their presence when she would just rather retreat into her store and curl up with a snake. People speculate that her lack of enjoyment in physical company as well as her reluctance to participate in family gatherings show that she is actually afraid of other people. Adrienna is as unlikely to admit she is afraid as she is to show she isn't afraid. She can't help it that people unnerve her. All that really matters is that she makes a profit to keep her position in the family, has assistants to help her care for and capture or breed more reptiles, and that she doesn't have any real obligations other than bringing profit to her family.

Religiously, Adrienna has reverence for Caiyha and Siku, for reasons that are easy to identify.


Born, and raised, in Kenash has biased Adrienna against outsiders and those of the lower class since the day she first realised her name granted her certain luxuries over others. She was born as the niece of the leader of the Lynint family, a woman known for her fascination with reptiles, and Adrienna followed suit after deciding upon the woman as a role-model.

Her developmental years were quite average for a Lynint. She was taught such things as animal husbandry and medicine to treat bite and claw wounds in order to help with their endeavor to corner the market on animal sales. She learned a bit about tending the fields but never made any headway in it and had no desire to learn further than what she had learned already. Instead, she approached Kaljia with a business proposition and took over a business run by an older Lynint before her, turning it into one that sold all sorts of reptiles (and some species of birds) instead of just the Lynint signature: crocodiles. There she has been for several years now, working away and slowly growing ever more strange.

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