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Date of birth482 AV (aged 41)
Place of birthWind Reach

Ailhea's life began as the child of two Dek, that worked for a renown glassblower in Wind Reach. Her parents sold her when she was five to a Symenestra man in the city, not knowing, nor caring about his intentions. He traveled east to The Spires to wait for the child to grow to maturity, so she could carry his child, and there she learned the culture of the Hidden City. However, the Symenestra man was Banished from the city for attempting to Harvest an unwilling woman within the city limits, leaving the child without a guardian.

She was adopted by a Jamoura woman for a couple of years, until an Endal arrived in The Spires looking to use the city as a vacation destination. When she discovered the girl, she decided to take her back to Wind Reach. Ailhea found that the Wind Reach way of life was too foreign from the Spirian. She met the glassblower that served as her parents' boss, who informed her that both had died. Pitying the girl, he offered his services to her free of charge for life. She returned to the Spires, and eventually began a business of hair cutting and styling out of her home. The glassblower came to visit every year, and each year brought her a new mirror, and with each mirror, her business expanded.

Additional Information

Ailhea is employed at A Cut Above