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The Hybrids of The Children of the Gods
Height5'2"- 7'0"
Weight130-220 lbs
Lifespan200 years
Major featuresDark skin, Pale hair, Light Eyes
AbilitiesUnderwater breathing, two souls, infravision
PopulationLess than 50
Most common inRiverfall or Mura
ReputationPowerful Arcanists
Racial godsAny
Racial bonus+10 to any Djed

The Akontak are incredibly rare hybrids created by the blending Akalak and Konti bloodlines. When Akalak reproduce they always sire purebred Akalak sons on their human (and other) mates. When Konti reproduce, they always give birth to female children that are pureblood Konti no matter what race sires the offspring. However, when a Konti and an Akalak reproduce together, they normally either produce a purebred Konti daughter or a purebred Akalak son. However, there is a 5% chance that an Akontak will be produced. These offspring are powerfully gifted in the djeds and often make incredibly faithful disciples of the gods. Because they are so rare and unusually gifted, Akontak are not a playable character race except by special permission. Akontak are male or female. They have unusually dark skin (in any number of akalak tones), white hair, and pale colored eyes.

The Akontak have no culture of their own because they are not common enough to have developed independently of the Konti and Akalak. Normally, they remain with the people of their parents, spending equal time between Mura or Riverfall unless there are special circumstances. Akontak are revered as precious among both races and often are unusually gifted in the way that they often become advisers or priests.