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Akvatar is the third-largest island in Mizahar. It lies east of Eyktol and south of Cyphrus, and consists largely of uninhabitable desert. The only permanent settlement on the island is Abura.


The vast majority of Akvatar is a shifting complex of sand dunes and barren earth. Even during the winter, daytime temperatures regularly exceed 90 degrees F, and during the summer, highs over 120 are not uncommon. There is essentially no cover on the island; the only native plants are a few extremely hardy grasses that survive on the infrequent rain.

There are no rivers or streams on Akvatar, and only one spring, which lies in the center of the city of Abura, on the far eastern coast.


Because of its inhospitability and its lack of natural resources, the island has not been colonized; most of the available records indicate that this was true before the Valterrian as well, although the Codex of Xalz seems to claim otherwise. There is no Watchtower on Akvatar, and if there was one at one time, the ruins have not been located.


Abura, the only settlement on Akvatar, is a town of perhaps 6,000 inhabitants. Almost all of them are Akvatari. The city is a strange collection of buildings only accessible those capable of flight, as well as underwater caverns, all of which appear to have been designed in a fever dream. A regular trade route runs to Abura from Zeltiva.