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Akvin Kultra

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Akvin Kultra

Magecrafter, Drummer, Singer, and Head Miscreant of Wind Reach
RaceUnknown - Seemingly Human
Date of birth0 AV (aged 523)
Place of birthUnknown
TitleMaster Magecrafter

Akvin Kultra has long been in the service of the Dyres family. No one knows exactly how old he is, but he's lived in Stormhold for the length and breath of the existence of the citadel. Akvin's appearance never changes. He has been known to take Kelvic companions from time to time, but often grieves long periods after their deaths. He seems young, rash even at times, though mostly its an illusion that helps disguise his true need for blending in and being overlooked. The magecrafter doesn't often take apprentices or outside students, nor does he usually take commissions, but in times of great need he's been known to help out the Syliran Knights. Akvin has a passion for cigars and can sometimes be found brewing his own beer or ale. He often dresses in black leather, and unless he has a caretaker or companion with him, his hair normally falls long and ignored down into his eyes. Recently, Akvin has decided to relocate to Wind Reach and escort Glav Navik to its boundaries. Once there, under Cedar tutelage he picked up drums and vocals. Now he can be found almost nightly preforming and leading some of the miscreants in Inclimate Weather, a Revelry Club that he claims has become his second home.


Akvin's Appearences
heightThe Inner SanctumHis Main Residence in Syliras
heightAct I - The Blue Horizon and Beyond.Glav Navik and his party leaves Syliras.