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Ald'gare Dusk

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Ald'gare Dusk
Date of birth455 AV (aged 68)
Place of birthLhavit
TitlePatriarch of the Dusk Family
Qiang (Spear)71

Ald'gare Dusk is the leading patriarch of the Dusk Family, one of the three ancient Lhavitian families who are known for their talents in Auristics. Ald'gare has been the patriarch for 15 years now, succeeding his father, Wataya Dusk, when he died of old age. He is incredibly gifted not only in Auristics, but in combat as well, choosing the Qiang spear as his primary weapon to spar with, and he does indeed enjoy sparring a great deal. Most might call him good-natured, with a sense of humor that often leaves strangers baffled, for his usual gruff expressions might throw people off. He is most commonly seen at the Mhakula Tea House on Zintia Peak, as he has a fondness for well-served tea.


Ald'gare stands at 5'10", sports a full head of black hair often halfway tied up in an elaborate bun and the rest falling just below his shoulders. He has olive skin, with a smattering of wrinkles signifying his old age, but with eyes that sport a rich indigo hue. He usually wears elaborate robes in varying shades of blue, purple and black and white on occasion for when he spars. He is never without his spear.