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Alice has been Domain Storyteller of Mura and staff member since October 2009. She is one of the friendlier moderators around and likes to run everyday adventures that don’t include overly evil NPCs or epic scenarios.


Alice lives in Austria, Europe. Age-wise, she is only barely grown-up, but mentally she can be a child of 10 as well as an ancient of 100 years. She loves to write and her head is full of idealistic theories and dreams that usually include writing, traveling or both, such as becoming a published author and living in Japan one day. For the time being, however, she tries to enjoy being in school and learning as much as she can about human psychology and linguistics.

When she is not writing, Alice usually reads, draws, does sports, talks to people or tries to learn a new language.

Vital Statistics

  • Age: under 20
  • Sex: Female
  • Nationality: Austrian/German
  • Location: Austria
  • Likes: writing, reading, drawing, music, dance, fantasy, philosophy, psychology, foreign cultures, language, Asia, religion, making dreams come true, happiness
  • Dislikes: not being able to write, misunderstandings with consequences, ignorance, bad luck