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Alizarin's Regalia

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The Alizarian's Regalia

Alizarin’s Regalia

This incredibly rare item is a thin membrane of what looks like skin etched with an inked stylized bird of prey – the traditional symbol of the Alizarin Team. The Regalia measure 2x2 inches and can be concealed anywhere. Crafted in ancient times within Ironrock by their powerful mages, these badges of honor were given to the most favored of the Alizarin Team creations to cease aging. When applied to the skin with pressure, the ink transfers from the membrane to the skin of the creature it is applied to and the aging of the creature wearing this magical symbol ceases. These regalia will transform any skin they are applied to into their form, covering previous tattoos, brands, or scars. While designed for Kelvics, they will work on any sort of creature. Their aging freezes at their current age and they will no longer grow older. They are, however, not immortal as violence, disease, accidents, and anything else can kill them. These magical tattoos can be removed by flaying the skin from the body of the bearer.


The Alizarin's Regalia
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