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This page is about the rules governing multiple characters. On Mizahar, there's a massive variety of races and places available for playing, which makes it completely understandable that players would want to check out different types of characters and experiences - some places are only truly open to their native denizens, some are completely inaccessible, and sometimes sometimes it's simply not feasible to move your character around so much. Mizahar is an extremely harsh world and dangerous to traverse, which means an option that is available to the player is to make a new character.


What Is An Alt?

An "Alt" is a short form term for "alternative character".

What Are The Alt Rules?

  1. Individual players will not be restricted to the number of player characters they can have in one city (or domain) as long as that number doesn't exceed their total game-wide allowed total of five PCs.
  2. PC's who are owned by a singular player may be employed, related, and interact with other PCS owned by the same player. These PCs can earn wages, do business transactions, train, induct into magic, and enter into agreements or arrangements like marriage, slavery, co-housing etc.
  3. Upon death or retirement of a PC, any transfer of possessions or coin between PCs owned by the same player must be approved through the Help Desk. One item may be 'inherited' by surviving PC family members or friends upon the death of a PC so long as it is okayed by a moderator and doesn't fall into the 'large scale item' category of house, business, etc or are considered quest or artifact level items.
  4. Multiple PCs are often referred to as Alts.... short or Alternate PC.
  5. Alts (even if they are mod/PC combs) can be in the same thread at the same time without HD permission. Previously permission was required.
  6. PC alts of Moderators can interact in threads the same player's moderator posts. If we trust you to moderate, we trust you to stay honest in a moderated thread that contains your PC.
  7. Mods can grade the threads of their PCs.
  8. Players cannot have more than 5 accounts at any one given time.
  9. Two PCs from the same player cannot exchange goods or services without legitimate effort being put into the exchange. Thus one more experienced PC can't for example outfit an alt of another PC without that alt having earned the items in a fair manner or without having legitimate buying and selling taking place.

How Do I Make One?

Same as you made your first character. Make a new account with the name of your alt, and proceed from there.

How Many Can I Have?

Mizahar allows players to have a maximum of five active accounts.

I've Reached Five! I want more! Now What?!

So you've managed to have five characters, and you really want to try something new... but you're at the limit. Then what? Basically, one of your alts must be retired. After finishing off their active threads, you can either formally retire them, have them settle down and live a nondescript life forevermore; or you can retire them by an entirely different method and kill them off... choosing, of course, not to continue playing them. In either case, whichever you prefer, once you've retired your character, let a Founder know, and they can retire that account. Once they've done that, you're free to make yet another alt.

Can They Interact?

They can absolutely interact. See the rules above for details.

Please Post in the Help Desk if you have more specific questions.