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Amarylis Skyglow

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Amarylis Skyglow

Seemstress of Avanthal
Date of birth438 AV (aged 85)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleOwner of the Nimble Thimble
Gnosis marks


Amarylis stands at about five feet and two inches tall. She weighs 140 pounds, and has peach-colored skin with almond-colored undertones. She has rather small eyes, which tend to be a deep, sapphire blue color. Her face is rather round, with cheek bones that have sunken somewhat in her later years. It is framed by thin, relatively straight, silver-colored hair with the occasional emerald green strand towards the back. Her hair is kept short, no longer than three or four inches long at any given time, as is suitable for someone of her years. Her nose, somewhat hooked like a bird's beak, and relatively large, seems to jump out of the center of her face. Her slender lips are similar, in the sense that the bright pink lip stick she wears causes them to pop.

Amarylis is relatively curvy, but she hides this by wearing longer sleeves, and looser clothing; things she deems more appropriate for her age group. If she is going out, she will wear several furs coats, so that she may lock the heat into her bones. She has arms of an average length and width; seemingly proportionate to her body in every which way and form. However, her hands are somewhat large for a woman, and are rather worn, and veiny looking from her excessive use of them. Her legs are on the shorter side, taking up about the same portion of her body as her torso.


Amarylis is a rather reserved person, who choses to share the intimate details of her life, and inner feelings with a trusted, close circle of friends. However, her more private nature does not keep her from sharing her vast knowledge of knitting, crocheting, and sewing with others. Amarylis enjoys spending time in her store, working on her latest project, or teaching others about different aspects of her favorite crafts. She is always willing to learn new things, and especially new perspectives on how to better the things she already knows. She is known for being a good listener, and a friendly face, always willing to be there for those who need comfort, or a smile to get them through the day. However, she does not tolerate the excessive use of curse words, or disorganization, and will quickly shoo those who cannot keep things clean out of her store so that she may tidy up.


Amarylis was born in 438 AV, the child of Addison and Tressa Skyglow. While she was growing up, Amarylis spent a great deal of time within the confines of her parent's Hold, watching her mother sketch various designs for her father to one day bring to life. Pictures of various log cabins which could be converted into individual homes or even shops, pieces of furniture with rather ornate carvings, as well as her mother's personal favorite- statues of things such as Morwen's homecoming, or polar bears fighting over a fish. By the time Amarylis turned ten, she would attempt to draw, just like her mother, but could never quite get things right, and soon gave up trying. Instead, she'd simply watch her mother's hand, enjoying its swift and fluid movements, their ability to create beautiful images upon a piece of paper. And from time to time, she'd give her own input- telling her mother which colors to use or what to draw next.

By the time Amarylis had turned twelve, her father decided to take her outside the Hold; so that he may begin to teach her how to be a true member of the Skyglow Hold. Addison took his daughter with him each time he made a new sculpture or a crafted a new building, letting her watch so that she may learn, and one day, create things as he did. When the girl turned 14, Addison decided it was time to let his daughter start trying to make wood carvings. Amarylis' first assignment was to make a toy canoe, no more than 10 inches long, another two inches high, and another two wide. The girl struggled with her father's wishes for days, and soon turned in quite the disastrous assignment. Obviously dissatisfied with his daughter's work, Addison had her try again and again, but the girl got no better. Frustrated with her lack of progress at the age of 15, Addison chose to let Amarylis stay at the Hold, with her mother.

Amarylis wasn't too happy about her newfound confinement to the Hold, but soon found herself things to do. As her mother grew older, she had taken on knitting and sewing, and was quick to teach her daughter, who caught on immediately. Amarylis crafted some of the finest tapestries, table cloths, and throw rugs her mother had ever seen, and thoroughly seemed to enjoy herself. Over time, her enjoyment seemed to develop into more of an obsession, which left the girl with little more to do than knit and sew. Having spent so much time doing such things, Amarylis soon found herself with too many creations to keep within her room. Thus, she started to give them away to other members of the Hold; and her friends from outside of it. Oftentimes, these people would decorate their homes with the things she had made, which caused Amarylis to take a temporary interest in interior design. Her interest, however, did not last long, for it took away from her ability to design things with which to decorate a home; her one and only true passion.

By the time Amarylis had turned 17, she had become a rather skilled knitter; and had developed into someone almost entirely isolated, for she never knew how to stop working. Her parents worried that she would grow to be an Icemaiden, having already passed the typical age to wed. Thus, they took her knitting supplies away, and made her go out and meet with the young, unmarried Vantha men of her Hold. Deciding it best not to disappoint her parents, Amarylis did as she was told, and by the time she had turned 18, she had fallen in love with a 20-year-old boy named Caspin Skyglow. They were wed shortly after her birthday, and moved in together.

Caspin was both a wood carver, and craftsman, who would oftentimes design houses and other buildings as well. He was a diligent worker, and rather loyal to his wife, never once straying from her side. The two lived happily together for years, until one day when Caspin decided to do something special for Amarylis, who had not yet overcome her knitting addiction. Caspin built her a beautiful log cabin within the Frozen Falls Market just before she turned forty, as a birthday present. He surprised Amarylis with it, who was overjoyed when she first stepped inside, and looked up at the ceilings, and hardwood floors. Instantly, the woman knew that this would be a place for her to share her craft; to sell the means necessary to do it, and to teach those who wished to learn.

Within a couple of months, Amarylis had opened the Nimble Thimble, and taken on crocheting as well as dyeing and making her own yarns. At first, she was not very good, considering she taught herself everything from the use of several books, but steadily the woman grew better. And soon enough, she was able to produce just about all of the supplies she kept in stock.

Amarylis kept the store up and running for years, until her husband died when she turned 51, of a heart attack. At which point, Amarylis found herself being launched into a deep bout of depression. For which she gave herself a week to recover, before deciding that Caspin would have hated to see her in such a state. Thus, she re-opened the store, and continued on as though nothing had happened. Of course, she had her own way of mourning his loss- each night when she lay alone in bed, thinking of him. Each time she sat on her rocker at the Nimble Thimble and knit, or crocheted. Each time she was in the store, she thought of him, for a long, long time. Eventually these acts diminished, and she began to take on more students. She began to produce more of her own yarn, and take on more responsibilities at the store, to ensure her happiness. To make sure that she was doing what Caspin would have wanted her to do.

To this day, Amarylis still runs the store; alone. She is a rather jolly being, truly enjoying her life, although, at times, she does find herself lost in memory, and somewhat sad. Just like everyone else in the world. However, she does not let this keep her from her passion; her work. And anyone who truly knows her can tell that she will not stop until the day she dies. Anyone can tell that the Nimble Thimble will last as long as she does; if not longer.