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RaceNuit, formerly Eypharian
Date of birth20 BV (aged 543)
Place of birthBisret
TitleChief Embalmer of Sahova

Amaryllis is the Chief Embalmer of Sahova. She is a Nuit of decadence, and thus prides on the aesthetic value of things. She does not reveal that she was an Eypharian prior to being recruited for the ARMED project. She stays at the Palsa Hydrasa, with an office fully decorated with exquisite fabrics and gilded furniture adorned with flower and peacock designs. Amaryllis is bored with her job and welcomes anything that would break the cycle of her repetitive monotonous life.


Amaryllis is sophisticated, very concerned with elegance and beauty. She employs the best techniques in preserving the bodies she use, giving them all youthful splendor. She is known to paint cosmetics on her face, usually favoring hues of blue and green. Staying beautiful is more a habit than anything, something she had become accustomed to. If someone comes across a Nuit who wears a robe with peacock feather patterns with sparkly blue and green eye facial make-up, regardless of gender, it has to be Amaryllis.


As the Eypharian race were autonomous during the time of Alahea, Amaryllis looks upon herself and her office as separate from the Citadel itself. For some reason, being secluded from other Nuits made her continue her Eypharian lifestyle. She is self-indulgent: she eats, she hasn't forgetten how to blink or breathe.

Amaryllis is actually pretty discreet about a lot of things. While she rarely socializes with the rest of the wizard community, she has a list of who's who in Sahova, spying on those she can.


Amaryllis, whatever her name was prior to becoming Nuit, was an undertaker. She was specifically hired for the ARMED project, the proponents knowing well in advance that the wizards will need to switch into new bodies. Part of the plan was to store embalmed corpses in caskets for later use. As a consultant for such a vital part of the ARMED project, she recommended ensuring a program that would provide Sahova a way to continue for the next one thousand years. Some say she was not optimistic about Alahea conquering the Suvan empire or, perhaps, by divination she foresaw the events that would lead to the Valterrian. Regardless, her foresight proved to be useful. Sahova was able to outlive the empire it dedicated its cause for.