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Amulet Of Finding The Lost

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Amulet Of Finding

This item allows the user to find something they owned that they've misplaced. It works on inorganic items, organic items, even children. The caveat is that the owner of the amulet must own the lost item and have legitimately lost it, not sold, given away, or discarded the missing thing in question. This is invaluable for misplaced keys. This amulet looks exactly like a miniature working compass that points always to the item trying to be located. The stone located at the north portion of the amulet changes colors for proximity to the missing item... meaning it turns deep red when one is getting further from the lost item and turns brighter green the closer one gets to the specific lost item one is searching for. It is completely white if one is practically standing on top of the item and the stone is black when no item is specified or the item one is looking for no longer exists.

Requirements and Limitations

  • This item was awarded to NaNo individuals and cannot be traded, sold, stolen, or passed on in any way.


Amulet Of Finding
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