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Image:Scroll2.png "This is a book on Human culture." [followed by thirty blank pages]
- Anonymous Pycon writer

Anthropology is the study of sentient races. It is a broad scientific discipline encompassing physical traits, culture, language, customs, art of various races and beings, and their evolution in time. Archaeology is a related science, and often those proficient in one skill will also have some training in the other.

By default, people only know about the culture they were raised in, and others that may be prevalent in the area. Since Mizahar is a melting pot of different races and cultures, often dramatically diverse, Anthropology is a very useful skill for those who plan on visiting many distant lands or blend with other races. While staying in a foreign location may result in lore being gained, one trained in Anthropology will have a significant advantage in interpreting reactions and understanding and lifestyle of other cultures. Also, an Anthropologist will adapt to new cultures and learn new languages much faster than one without this skill.

Novice (1-25)
A beginner in the field, the scientist will be able to identify most sentient races upon seeing a specimen, possibly deriving basic facts from the interaction. Drawing from similar notions, they might be able to understand what a community's basic values and priorities are.
Competent (26-50)
A competent Anthropologist will be well-versed in most cultures except the most obscure. When faced with a new group, they will know how to quickly determine their social structure and use that knowledge to their advantage. They can understand the purpose behind customs and traditions, and form an accurate understanding of a population based on relatively few facts. If accepted, they can blend with a native group in a matter of weeks.
Expert (51-75)
A skilled professional, the Anthropologist will know a lot about cultures and be able to fill the gaps with even limited interactions. They can notice the slight details that make one seem out of place among a foreign group, and work on them to be quickly accepted by its members. They can learn a language much faster than the average person if they live in contact with native speakers.
Master (76-100)
A true chameleon, a master Anthropologist will blend almost anywhere. With their perfect understanding of societies and cultures, they function almost like natives in whatever environment they have been in: new cultures are assimilated in just days. New lore comes extremely easy to the Anthropologist, and they will be respected by all but the most narrow-minded natives - or at the very least held in much higher regard than the average member of their race.