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Aquila Brock

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Aquila Brock

Aquila Brock, Orange Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron
Date of birth363 AV (aged 160)
Place of birthSuvan Sea
TitleStewart Knight
Riding (Warhorse)60

Aquila Brock is the current Stewart Knight for the Orange Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron. She is stationed in Syliras, with her Wings assigned to patrolling the Bronze Woods. Often underestimated when she wears her mortal face, she is nonetheless a powerful figure among the Knights.

She stands as something of a famous figure, being the only Ethaefal in recorded history to have been a Knight in their mortal life and returned to it when discarded from Syna's realm. Many point to her as an example of the tenacity and loyalty of the Brock family, while others decry her as a relic from a less civilized time.



As a mortal, Aquila was squired at ten and received her quest at fifteen, well ahead of most of her peers. Unfortunately she was killed shortly after in a battle with raiders who were combing the road for slaves. Because of this, her mortal seeming is that of a rather petite young girl: huge blue eyes, long blond hair, and a face untouched by adolescence. She stands at just over 5' tall, and is often mistaken for a child by those who don't know any better.

While Syna holds sway over the world, Aquila becomes something entirely different. She bears the shining copper skin and moss-green eyes of Syna's Chosen. She is much taller, reaching near to seven feet in height, and the somewhat pompous air she wears as a mortal is trebled in her true form. Her waist-length hair and delicately curving horns shift their hues with the change of the seasons, making her a true wonder to behold.

Regardless of what form she wears, Aquila is almost never seen outside of the standard-issue armor of her position, evidence of her rank pinned to her collar.


Like most Ethaefal, there is an air of wisdom that clings to Aquila no matter what form she wears. Even when her body resembles that of a fourteen-year-old girl, the depth of her eyes reveals that there is more to her than there seems.

She can sometimes be quite haughty, though, especially when she feels that the people around her are behaving inappropriately when they should know better. She is unfailingly patient with anyone who comes to her with questions, and it's considered the best kind of luck for a traveler to come upon her in the Bronze Woods, for they're nearly guaranteed an escort back to safety and a stimulating conversation during it. However, she finds it hard to abide idiocy or a lack of common sense, and can get downright brutal if challenged by what she considers to be a lesser creature.


In her mortal life, Aquila was the granddaughter of Gregor Brock, one of the founding members of the Syliran Knights. Her father was a Knight, as were all of her brothers before her. She first swung a blade at the age of three, and broke her first horse on her 8th birthday. There was no question that she would follow in her family's footsteps, and she joined the Dyres' cause just as soon as she was allowed.

Tragedy followed not long after she completed her quest. It was a tumultuous time, not even a full generation after Syliras' founding, It wasn't uncommon for roving groups of bandits to try their luck against those going to and from the new city, and Aquila was slain protecting a family of tradesmen who were fleeing to the walls of Syliras.

For the span of four generations she lived a glorious existence that no man could hope to dream of, that no human tongue could describe, a wondrous time of servitude and worship, when Syna's hands reached out to her every day - and touched her.

And then she was falling.

She came to herself in the Suvan Sea, not far from Riverfall. She floated for a day and a night and another day, shattered by the trauma of what she'd endured. When the Akalak hauled her out of the moon-drenched water on her second evening back on mortal ground, starving and in shock, she was suddenly thrust into an unfortunate situation. The Akalak who discovered her, Javertivk, was young and brash, and wasn't familiar with Ethaefal, and she had no idea yet what had even happened to her, much less what it might mean.

When they reached the shore, the Akalak explained to her that she owed her life to them, and that she would be a Nakivak to him. Without so much as blinking, she challenged him to battle in the arena. Javertivk took one look at the tiny human girl, laughed, and accepted.

At dawn, when they stepped into the arena, Javertivk instead found himself facing a tall, alien creature - with a well-worn spear in her hand.

Aquila spared his life, remembering in time how much value the Akalak placed on their survival, but when she was done with him there was no question that she had earned her freedom. The scars she left on his body would not heal quickly, and the Ethaefal did not stay to find out his fate. Before Syna retreated from the sky, she had acquired a pack and set out for Syliras.

She rejoined the Knights, remembered by the few Konti and Akalak who were old enough to recall her mortal life. Instead of taking a celestial name and hating the body she inhabited when Leth ruled the skies, she claimed her mortal name and all the responsibility that went with it. She viewed her Fall as a second chance to do what she could to help her people fulfill their destiny and rebuild civilization, and has put every ounce of herself into seeing it come to pass.


Aquila's Appearences
heightThe Rearing StallionNot quite a day off