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The Araka ~ The Children of the Alvina

Just like The Gods can have offspring, the offspring of Gods often reproduce as well. These children of the Alvina are referred to as Araka. Araka means 'godsblood' in the Ancient Tongue. The Araka are dwellers in the Mortal Realm and do not have access to the Ukalas unless they bear gnosis marks from Gods that grant them access. Then, they are gifted navigators therein. Araka often appear with superior traits from normal mortals. They might have additional strength, enhanced beauty, iron will and determination, or even extremely high intelligence. Superior traits usually never comprise more than one or two characteristics. Arakas often have extreme personality traits due to their conflicting blood, manifesting in hard core zealots, sociopaths, egomaniacs even saintly or selfless types. They are not the best at all things. Often they are users of magic and explorers of the world. Araka are never the strongest, fastest, bravest, etc. While they can have superior traits, they have equal weaknesses and flaws that come about because of the taint of their mortal blood. While they might enjoy superior health, they still age and die like the rest of their mortal counterparts. They often appear as a singular race such as Human, Isur, Konti, or Akalak despite their augmented blood. In many cases, Araka are ignorant of their divine bloodlines or connections to the Gods. There is no way to openly tell an Araka from a regular mortal without direct knowledge of their linage other than through their actions and the marks they leave upon the world.

PC characters are allowed to apply via the Help Desk to become Araka. The requirements are simple. Player Characters must have at least one year of active continuous play on Mizahar, at least a one thousand post count, and outline just how they are related to which existing God or Alvina and why in their help desk application.