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Arborous Fletcher

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Image:Scroll2.png "What? What do you mean what am I doing? I am solving the mysteries of life! Can't you see even that much you simpleton? Now, do something useful and hard-boil these eggs. They are important for my experiments."
- Arborous Fletcher
Arborous Fletcher

The price of knowing is sanity.
Date of birth428 AV (aged 95)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleHead of the Department of Un-Qualitative Expansions of the Mind

There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Arborous Fletcher walks this line with every wobbling step he takes. Confusion, insight, madness, and brilliance walk hand in hand when this man speaks, and it takes a trained ear to separate the rambles from the wisdom. Always a man research, Fletcher is best known for his results within the lab, but his time as a professor still show through from time to time. It is not uncommon for him to launch into a lecture on a subject none but he understands. If one wishes to find him, first check one of his many research labs within the department.



Arborous Fletcher, more commonly known as “Professor” within the department, is a man well past his prime physically, but at the peek mentally… well what is left mentally at least. The man’s wardrobe rarely deviates from his lab coats, from time to time the older man may wear a fine black robe for official meetings, usually at the urging of his young supervisor, but never a day has come, and never shall, that he has attempted to tame his wild hair. The gangly, and thinning, locks seem to have a mind of their own and stick out in seeming random angles and directions, a perfect match for the grizzly beard that reaches down to his belt.

Time has not been good to the Professor, and age has seen a hump to his back and a shuffle to his step. His long fingered hands, little more than skin and bone now, are always wrapped around his gnarled staff, its support the only thing keeping him up at times. If one could get him to smile, one would see several gaps in his yellow and chipped teeth, a testament to his love of drink. His wrinkled face is often seen in a twisted grin, more maniacal than happy, and his one good eye has an odd habit of wandering to the back of his skull when he thinks.


The professor is more than a bit… strange. At most times his ramblings are all but indistinguishable from the mad ravings of an aged man, but mad ravings does not mean complete insanity. Indeed, Fletcher is one of the greatest minds of the city of Alvadas, and his genius is well known within the other Departments. Though he has his fingers in nearly every branch of research, it is well known that his greatest talents lie within the art of Summoning and Familiary. It is rumored that the cause of his strange bouts of insanity is due to extended exposure to the otherworldly magic’s and creatures, but then this is only a rumor.

When not elbow deep in his research, the Professor can be found in his office with some fresh concoction brewed especially for his own pleasure, despite his Supervisors constant warnings about mixing potions and testing them himself. If first impressions are something to go off of, Arborous Fletcher can be either a stark raving old man on the edge of delusion, or one of the greatest minds Alvadas has ever known. Either is as possible as the other, and he is known to change at the drop of a hat.


Arborous Fletcher began his life within the walls of Alvadas itself. He grew up as a normal youth, playing within the ever changing streets, and dreading the thought of studying of any sort. Both his mother and father were well known researchers within the Department of Un-Qualitative Expansion of the Mind, Fletcher attended the Acumen Asylum for his studies, and his recollections of his time there was not overly pleasant. Though it might be difficult to believe, during his time at the Asylum Arborous Fletcher was deemed “unteachable” as he often missed classes, including test days. During those times of absence Fletcher would instead spend his time in the Sunken Conundrum, reading many of the books, however spares, of magic that it contained. From time to time he would even venture into the library of the Department of Research itself, with the help of a pass from his mother or father, and it is from the information found there that Fletcher first discovered the secrets of Summoning.

At the age of 10, Fletcher had summoned his first gateway to the other worlds. At the age of 12 Fletcher had bound a Familiar to his djed, an accomplishment that is to this day wondered about. Some speculate that, as a part of the deal Fletcher offered a bit of his own sanity, as well as one eye, in return for the Familiar’s contract, but of course that is mere speculation. Needless to say both his parents and the Headmaster of the Asylum recognized his exploits, and the boy was then moved into the classes of Arcana where he excelled with near perfect scores. To this day it is well known that if a subject does not hold the Professors attention, then he will not bother in its study.

When Fletcher was 18 years old he grew bored of the education system of Alvadas and decided to set out to see what the rest of the world had to offer, much to his parents dismay. For the next 20 years he traveled great cities such as Zeltiva and Avanthal, as well as the Spires in search of a more diverse and all encompassing education. He even made stops in Wind Reach and Sunberth for the simple pleasure of saying he had been to the far corners of Mizahar. On his return to Alvadas in 466 AV, Fletcher took up a teaching position within the Asylum, thus earning his name “Professor”. It was not until another 14 years that Fletcher took over as Head to the Department of Un-Qualitative Expansion of the Mind in the year 480 AV. Since his ascension to the position of Head of Department, the Research division had seen an increase in the understanding of Summoning and Familiary studies, as well as a rise in most other Arcane arts.


Name: Kal’nok Type: Kirt


Kal’nok, like many of his kind, is silver tongued and fickle to the end. over the years of bondage with Fletcher, the Kirt has grown even more cunning and inventive in his manipulations of the people and world around him. Though on the surface he seems to be completely complacent and under the Professors control, this is not completely the case. His time with the wizard has made Kal’nok a bit kinder than most of his kind, the word being used loosely, but he is still very much an entity to be suspicious of.

The Kirt does work to further Fletcher’s goals in the fields of Familiary and Summoning research, and often the two will be found talking for endless hours into the night, discussing some complex or dangerous ritual the use of which none but they know, but it is not certain what Kal’nok’s motives are. Given his great age and experience it is not unlikely that the Familiar will even try and manipulate others besides his master, and the years have only sharpened his dagger like tongue into a deadly precision. Unknown to the Professor himself, Kal’nok’s influence has even spread to some within the Department of Un-Qualitative Expansion of the Mind itself, but the young supervisor has grown increasing suspicious over the recent years.


More often than not the Kirt will be found in his sealed form, a multi colored centipede, and will most often be found crawling through Fletcher’s beard and tangled locks. One of his favorite positions is partially wrapped around the Professor neck, tangled in his beard with only his head visible through the grey hairs.