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Arvas Skyglow

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Arvas Skyglow

Clothier of Avanthal
Date of birth488 AV (aged 35)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleWorker of Laria's Furs
Clothing Design30
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Arvas is tall for a Vantha, standing at about 6' even. He wears his dark hair somewhat cropped above his ears. He likes to keep his face dusted with a light stubble, although he will shave from time to time when his mother nags him to.

Arvas' body is somewhat slender, although not without muscle.


Arvas is Laria Snowsong's eldest child at 25 years old. He works in his mother’s store, Laria's Furs, as an apprentice leatherworker, though his skills are more than sufficient for him to create exquisite garments of his own. He also manages the trading of leathers and fur – the shop will often source their stock from Avanthal’s hunters.

Arvas usually has a much more sober expression than his mother. That is not to say he is unfriendly, since he is far from it, he just takes his craft very seriously. When trading or selling furs, it is usually not advised to try and haggle with him, since he has an uncanny knack for convincing you to pay more if you try it.