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Image:Scroll2.png "Caiyha blessed us with the Tskanna, but Myrians could not be content with just one great tusked beast. The Ashta were not what we first thought, however, they were altogether something more, something wonderful and precious."
- Hackil of the Lost Grove, Myrian
Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelLow
Major featuresSensitive Ear Nodes, Bone Crests
Most common inTaloba/ Cloud Forests, High Elevations



Ashta are small elephants that come in a variety of colors. Most range from light tan to deep mahogany brown, but they can be grey, copper, or even rarely sand colored. Their ear drops, an appendage which greatly enhances their hearing, can be any shade of green from bright lime to deep turquoise. Females generally grow up to 9 feet tall, the males 11, and their weight varies from 2 - 5 tons depending on size and gender. Ashta all grow unique bone protrusions that form over their eyes and down towards their trunk. Despite the very docile nature of the Ashta, these bone protrusions are used by males to fight over mates, as well as for ramming potential predators in the wilds. Their tusks, used for clearing bark off of trees, rarely grow in length beyond a couple feet, even for bulls.


The nodes at the end the Ashta's ears allows them to hear a mile in each direction. This has allowed the breed to avoid most predators before they can smell the Ashta, and has led them to being a very non confrontational breed. They much prefer running and simply moving the herd, but if cornered the adults will form a circle around their young and the infirm either creating a wall with their legs or kneeling on the ground and folding their ears behind their head and tucking their trunks up under them, leaving only their tough hides and the bone protrusions on their foreheads exposed to predators. These techniques are not 100% effective, but work to deter most would be assailants.


When Taloba was still in the process of being built, the Myrians knew of the Ashta, a reclusive and shy breed of elephant that made their home high in the rain and cloud forests of the Jungle Wilds. They did not possess long tusks like Tskanna, and weren't nearly as large, but at this time the only mounts Myrians possessed were the rare giant tigers given only to the most powerful warriors. The Tskanna were so large that riding them through the forest was nearly impossible without making one's presence known to everything around for miles. With a relationship being built between the large Tskanna, clans began to branch out toward the smaller Ashta, which turned out to be a very trainable breed of animal. They were brought at first only in small numbers to the city, but integrated so well with both Tskanna and other Myrians that soon more and more were shepherded to the city. They were used to scout out perimeters for the city, to travel from clan to clan, and even to hunt with their exceptional hearing. In return the Myrians agreed never to use Ashta for combat, and let the breed roam the city as they please, foraging and inhabiting what places they can, while others are taken for mounts and used by a great many Myrians.


Ashta can be trained with relative ease to ride. They respond to taps upon their ears, but some riders prefer vocal commands. Traditionally they are ridden bare back, but with young or new riders, blankets may be laid over the the Ashta's back.

Additional Information

Ashta means 'little one' in Myrian, and true to this name, Myrians as a whole consider and treat the Ashta like children. Easily startled and frightened, Myrians enjoy calming and keeping their Ashta happy, which is why those that roam Taloba often have a mischievous streak because they can get away with most anything and not receive punishment. It is not uncommon to find Ashta interrupting meals or ceremonies because they are curious, and nowhere in Taloba is safe from the little elephants' voracious appetites.