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Avarys Anthurium

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Avarys Anthurium
Date of birth485 AV (aged 35)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleCo-Owner of the Weft and Warp

Avarys Anthurium is the Co-Owner of the Weft and Warp, Kalinor's weaving school. He manages it together with his cousin, Alessa Anthurium. He is a talented weaver and dancer and a man of questionable reputation.


Avarys was born into the Anthurium Web that has owned the Weft and Warp for many generations. After the death of his parents, he took over the management of the weaving school together with his cousin Alessa who has always been the better weaver of the two of them.

Managing the Weft and Warp didn’t fill him out though. Avarys wanted to move, to dance. He had had dancing lessons as a boy, but he didn’t want to dance in private, he wanted to dance where others could see him and become famous for his dancing.

And so, while Avarys formed a friendship with Kanasa Curare of the Cobweb and began to participate in her dance productions, Alessa gradually took over more and more of the management of the Weft and Warp. Avarys still owns half of the weaving school though which earns him a fair amount of money.

Avarys and Alessa had been in a semi-secret relationship since their mid-teens that ended in early 513 when Alessa came to the decision that a relationship with such a close relative had no real future and she wanted a real husband and children – with the help of a surrogate.

The end of their relationship and the fact that Alessa wanted a surrogate while Avarys is sympathetic towars their fate, is another reason for why Avarys is present at the Weft and Warp less and less.

He just cannot bear to look at her anymore.

Appearance & Personality

Avarys is a slender man. His skin is pale, almost a bit too pale, and he has black, slightly wavy hair that falls down to just below his shoulders. His eyes are large and violet, framed by long dark lashes, and he has full lips. He is a handsome man, but hardly the most masculine man, even by Symenestra standards. There is something about Avarys Anthurium that is slightly feminine. The fact that he is a dancer, among other things, is obvious in the way he moves. Being the co-owner of the Weft and Warp, he has access to the finest silks in Kalinor and is usually dressed very elegantly.

Avarys has a slightly mischieous streak. He likes to embarrass people, to shock them. He would do anything to get their attention for a moment, to rouse them from their stupor. He is a rebel, but a rebel without a cause that does things for the strangest of reasons. Avarys is a charming man and likes to flirt – but he hardly ever does more than that. Avarys is not a fighter, and he hates arguments. He is the kind of man that often runs rather than confronting a problem.