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Avatars are 200x200 images that are used to represent a character's physical identity. Avatars can be photographs or even artwork respectively. Please keep in mind that all images need to be used with permission or be owned by the individual who is displaying them. Please limit avatars to images that are appropriate to Mizahar and that do not openly belong to other gaming systems or franchises. Mizahar does not allow moving images such as gifs because they detract from the overall writing experience of the site. Since these images are small, please limit the text used in them to a bare minimum or preferably none at all.

If a model or image is already in use, the person initially using it gets preference and the secondary user will be asked to change their avatar as to have one that is unique to them.

Avatars and face claims are the responsibility of players utilizing them. Keep the ToU in mind at all times. Please refrain from using well known actors or actresses' or famous models as avatars and face claims. Avoid using images that are easily recognizable from television and movies such as characters from GOT or Marvel. These are so over utilized as to be abused. If spotted with one of these avatars, you will be asked to change your face claim to something more game appropriate. Mizahar would like characters to stand on their own based on their writing and not lean on already well known personalities written by other writers for popular consumption.