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The Goddess of the Fall
TitleGoddess of the Harvest
DomainAutumn, Harvest
Divine rank3

Bala is the Goddess of Autumn and the harvest. She is the patron goddess of farmers and others who rely on the crops. She is considered to be one of Caiyha's children because of her second sphere (the harvest) and its involvement with the grand sphere of nature. She is one of the four seasonal gods and goddesses, and rules over the third season, the transition time between summer and winter. Very mild in temperament and attitude, she can usually be found in her little cottage deep within the Mizaharian green belt or traveling in that area. She dresses in the deeper autumn tones, with highlights of the beautiful reds, golds, and oranges that signify the season.


Bala's Gnosis marks grant Cultivation... the ability to make something ripen.