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The Unfortunate and Lost
Date of birth450 AV (aged 73)
Place of birthDenval
TitleThe Hermit
Wilderness Survival40

In his younger years, Bardrin advanced quickly in his studies, and preferred the art of Hypnotism above all others. It wasn't until his mid-twenties that Bardrin was taken up as an apprentice by an elderly woman. She taught him the ways of Hypnotism and it wasn't long before student quickly outstripped master. Full of himself now, Bardrin left his home and traveled from city to city, wielding his now mighty power with an air of carelessness. More than once, Bardrin turned what he had learned on innocent people, using it for entertainment, revenge or even to attack those he felt threatened by. It was during one of these shows, while Bardrin misused his powers on the inhabitants of an inn's common room (to impress a particular bar wench) that he suffered from overgiving. The backlash drove him to Obsession and also drove him crazy.

Now he lives in the forests of The Unforgiving, surviving only on what he can catch or grow, and by whatever those who search for him leave as an offering. For even though he was driven insane, he was still one of the most powerful Hypnotists in the region, and more than a few hopefuls made the trek to find the old man.


Even in his broken and mostly insane state, Bardrin is a very strong willed individual. Once he sets his mind to something, he puts everything he has into getting it done, including his daily journey and day long sessions of Meditation in attempt to regain some lucidity. Prior to his overgiving incident, Bardrin was the life of the party. He was outgoing and personable, extremely charismatic and well liked by all. He knew how to get what he want with his magical abilities as well as with his social flair. Bardrin did not know the meaning of the word "no", and he was more than willing to show off what he was capable of. His help and guidance came at a price, as he thought highly of himself and his talents. Now, Bardrin is a quiet man who lives a quiet, ritualistic life. No longer loud and jovial, he lives alone in the woods. He thrives on his ability to stick to his rituals of waking, hunting/farming/eating, journeying to his hut and meditation. Should anyone come to seek his assistance, they must have an extremely good argument, or bribe, to win over the hermits attentions, for even insane he thought himself better than most.


Bardrin was a very good looking man in his youth. Towering head and shoulders above almost everyone else at 6'4", he was quite impressive with his piercing gray eyes, partially obscured by the wavy brown locks of hair he let grow down to his shoulders. His build was slight and wiry, yet his muscles held a firmness, rippling beneath his skin in just a way that one thought twice before crossing him. He was good for a fight, and had enough practice to hone his technique as well as his body into fighting form. His face was open, friendly, and easily approachable. As time wore on, however, his features were as likely to be shadowed by a scowl as lit by a grin.

Old age hasn't been kind to Bardrin. His hair, still kept rather long, is more gray than brown. The firmness of his body sagged and wrinkled while his intimidating 6'4" stature withered to a 5'11" stoop. Whether he smiled or frowned was hard to tell, for a large and bushy beard covered the lower half of his face, only adding to the appearance of age. The only thing left unchanged is his gaze, just as forthright and piercing as decades earlier.