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Bohir Adams

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Bohir Adams

The Contact
Date of birth479 AV (aged 44)
Place of birthRavok
TitleProprietor of The Spot

Bohir was born in Ravok and grew up like any good Ravokian would. He loved Rhysol, loved his people, and loved his life. He did not live a life of hardship, though neither was he wealthy. His parents made enough to get by comfortably, but could not afford a home in the noble district. Overall, his life was rather average.

On his thirtieth birthday his father passed away, and Bohir inherited the family business, a small mobile tavern known as The Spot. It wasn't until The Rising Dawn attacked and destroyed the C.E.B. that The Spot became anything more than a small, relatively unknown tavern. Bohir saw an opportunity, and began offering his establishment as a go-between for employers looking to get work done, and employees in need of mizas. To his surprise, it was a huge success. Since the attack, Bohir's business has been booming, and has become a prime location for business in the city.

Bohir is a rather friendly gentleman, quite persuasive, and excellent at getting information out of people without their realizing it. It's how he began his business, and it helps to maintain it. He always appears to be in a good mood when speaking with visitors to his establishment, and in general, he is. It is rumored that he enjoys a rather intimate relationship with both his serving girls, though none of the three will confirm or deny it. When asked, the lot of them generally joke and play it off without giving a sincere answer.