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Because of the utter destruction of the Valterrian, the availability of books in Mizahar is quite rare. People are quite frankly too caught up in day to day survival to actually enjoy too many scholarly pursuits. Books are considered uncommon, and pre-Valterrian books are considered an extremely rare commodity. Because of this fact, there is a whole industry that is quietly building up in locating, restoring, and selling copies of any pre-Valterrian manuscripts, texts, journals, and literary work. This is doubly so for magical texts or those texts that contain ancient knowledge, forbidden knowledge, or any sort of technology. These originals can go for tens of thousands of gold-rimmed Mizas. Copies of even mundane pre-Valterrian books usually cost anywhere from 50 to 100 gold-rimmed Mizas.

A normal book written post Valterrian (Example: 'Medical herbs of the Bronze Wood' by Joe Herbalist written in 508) would cost somewhere around 5 to 10 gms (which still isn't cheap). Writing materials aren't that expensive however, so people can make a decent living either restoring old books or writing new ones. Even copiests do well for themselves.

Zeltiva perhaps has the most books in one single place because the city itself survived the Valterrian but holds its collection in a university library. Mura has an enormous collection of medical books - most post Valterrian since the island did not exist prior to the cataclysm.

See Category:Books for a list of well known books in circulation.