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Boris Etnerius

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Boris Etnerius
Date of birth39 BV (aged 562)
Place of birthAlahea
TitleSynchograph Office Manager

One of the busiest nuits in the entire Citadel of Sahova, Boris Etnerius (or Bebe for short) is in charge of making sure the Synchograph Office is in working order. He instructs all visitors to properly sign in the appropriate forms and place them in the correct bins for the golems to log and file requests for, while he hastily stamps either approval or rejection for filled forms that get to him. Everything that happens there is logged and reported to the Council, and Bebe keeps a neat record of everyone who uses his office. Rarely is he at his desk, usually double-checking files and sorting through documents, so anyone looking to use the Synch Office must have the brains to do it themselves and give their forms to the golems. Not that it is difficult, the way the Office is designed makes failure a tremendous achievement.

When he finds time to talk to those who visit his office, it is never for socialization or wasting time. Bebe's job keeps him incredibly occupied, and anyone without important things to say will find themselves ignored. He talks in a hurried manner, eager to rid himself of visitors and get back to his job, which undoubtedly has become much larger during his momentary absence. Resident Wizards find themselves treated with respect despite this however, especially those who are in good with his commissioner, Lector Qiao. Pulsers and apprentices he has little patience for though, and they often find themselves getting the worse bargains when trying to file in through the Synch Office simply because of his distaste for them.