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Boxing is a form of physical combat that focuses on close-quarter fighting with a special emphasis on punching. It usually involves two people facing off in an exchange of strategically placed punches that vary in speed, power and intent. Evolving from brawling, boxing has become a popular street sport in many city slums and an underground culture is said to have grown up around this form of brutal form of combat sport.


Boxing evolved from the most basic forms of combat; brawling. Whereas brawling incorporates not only the combatants body but his surroundings, boxing focuses primarily on the fighter and his fists. Its specific origin is unknown although boxing is found throughout Mizahar. It is most popular in the lower-class slums of many cities where entire cultures have sprouted up around it. Considered a sport by many, boxing is also a specialized form of combat by some. It has evolved over time from a simple duel between two individuals exchanging punches until one can no longer participate to a more formal contest with rules; though few, and clear objectives. The few rules include the further division between boxing and brawling brought on by the elimination of the use of any other form of striking other than punching. Thus, the use of feet, elbows, knees, head, etc are considered illegal in the sport. Tripping, biting, hitting below the belt, all are considered bad form in boxing. Otherwise, a duel continues until one person is knocked-out, killed, or is otherwise rendered unable to continue the fight.

Prerequisite & Maintenance

Boxing is one of the more basic forms of combat although it does require a bit of physical conditioning to excel in. The stronger a boxer, the more power they can put behind their punch. Power is not the only aspect of boxing nor is it the most essential. Speed and agility play major roles as well since dodging a punch can mean the difference between life and death while the speed of which one can deliver punches can more than make up for lack of power. Thus it comes down to the type of fighter one wishes to be and the type of boxing that best suits them. Body Building, acrobatics and even brawling can all aid a boxer in gaining an advantage over their opponent.

Skill progression

Novice (1-25)
Novice boxers learn the basic stances that are essential for a good boxer to function. The upright stance, half and full crouches are the three primary stances. Upright is basically being on the offensive with fists ready while the half crouch is a middle-of-the-road defense and offense posture. The full crouch is mainly defensive. In addition to the the basic stances, the boxer learns the basic jab, cross, hook and uppercut punches which form the backbone of the boxer's repertoire. Defensive moves include slipping, bobbing, blocking, cover-up, clinching and pulling away. A focus also rests of footwork as the more one moves, the less likely they are to get hit. Novice boxers are usually considered "rookies" or "in-training".
Competent (26-50)
Competent boxers have a pretty good grasp on the basics and are able to engage in full boxing contests. They have moderate endurance and can take punches rather well. They are light and quick on their feet and learn to throw combination punches such as a tossing in a few right jabs followed by a left hook or an uppercut. Counterattacks are more common for a competent boxer and odd-angled punches become a valued addition to their offensive selection. There is a greater focus on footwork as well as strategy in their style. The lighter one is on their feet, the more likely they are to have time to plan their attack with specific punches directed at various points of the body meant to tire and weaken as well as strain and hurt an opponent.
Expert (51-75)
Boxing experts are the champions of the sport. They are masters of a wide-array of offensive and defensive techniques. One of the more common techniques that an expert may use is allowing an opponent to land a large number of punches while blocking as many as possible. No punches are thrown by the expert as they focus mainly on defense. The goal of this technique is to allow the opponent to tire themselves out and drain the reserves so that the expert may then unleash a barrage of powerful, strategically strike punches meant to remove their opponent's remaining energy and quickly take them out. These boxers are also capable of developing their own unique punches and combination strikes and are feared for their endurance and ingenuity.
Master (76-100)
The boxing master is a feared force unrivaled in and out of the sport. Their punches carry such force, such precision and speed that few can stand against them. In fact, a master is capable of focusing their inner strength such that they can easily force their fist through stone and metal without suffering harm. Their speed is blinding and their precision is sharp. These individuals can punch through flesh and bone as if weren't even there to resist them and bludgeoning attacks against them are shrugged off as if they were merely slaps on the face.